GPPSS Approves New Schedule

Patrick Koeppen '23, Web Editor

A new schedule has been created by the Grosse Pointe Public School System that will go into effect on Monday, Dec. 7. The new schedule brings several changes, such as start times, Wednesday classes, workload planning and new rules during class on Zoom. The new schedule was made by over 46 different teachers and administrators to better improve online learning. According to the published document on the GPPSS website, the schedule is intended to alleviate stress on students according to their needs. Start times for classes will be moved back to 8 a.m., and the latest class will end at 11:30. Wednesday lessons will be much different than the current schedule, as all classes will be short 30 minute mandatory lessons. Revised camera rules have also been enforced, where cameras are mandatory during class time. Additionally, the school board decided that teachers could only give a certain amount of hours of outside work, and that no homework could be due during the weekends.