Ski club plans to run this winter amid pandemic

Owen Sanford

Ski Club has been operating at South each winter for several years now, creating a place for students to have some fun and enjoy going on ski trips on Fridays after school. Even though students are not physically in school this winter, the Ski Club still plans to continue making weekly trips to Pine Knob this winter.
Gabe Huttemann ‘22 has been a member of the ski club since his freshman year, and is now the co-president of the club this year. He is excited for the club this year, as people are already starting to sign up.
“Currently we have 35 students signed up,” Huttemann said. “But we’re looking to get more (members) because we mostly have upperclassmen since we have no way to really contact the underclassmen.”
The members of the club are already counting down the days until the first trip, which will occur shortly after Pine Knob opens.
“Once Pine Knob opens, the first trip will probably be a week or two after that,” Huttemann said. “So I’m hoping for maybe the first or second week of December is what I’m shooting for with the current weather.”
The ski club plans to be taking weekly trips to Pine Knob all winter, going all the way until the season ends.
“We hope to get a trip in every week, so as long as Pine Knob is open, we’ll be going every week,” Huttemann said.
Obviously, the biggest issue at hand is how the club will operate with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the club seems to be organizing in a smart way to combat the spread of Covid while still getting the full experience.
“We have a mandatory mask mandate among the club itself,” Huttemann said. “So, in cars, on the slopes, and just beforehand as well.”
The club is even thinking beyond just the mandate, as they are organizing carpools to Pine Knob in certain ways to combat the spread of the virus.
“For carpools to drive up to the mountain, we’re going to do little bubble groups to keep the groups consistent,” Huttemann said. “So, if somebody does get COVID, it doesn’t spread among the entire club.”
The club is clearly taking a serious stance on being careful during the pandemic this year, as they are making no exceptions to their rules.
“If you are not wearing a mask, we will not allow you to participate in the club anymore,” Huttemann said.