A freshmen first, winter sports

Olivia McDougal ‘23, Copy editor

Photo courtesy of Lexi Belyue’21


Every year, freshmen have to adjust to their new team, but 2020 will be unlike any other year. COVID-19 has changed the way sports will be played this year and all team members will be adapting to new orders.
According to Girls Hockey coach, Hailee Craig she hasn’t received all of the regulations yet. “We haven’t gotten the rules from the school yet. That hasn’t been approved. Obviously, we’re gonna follow whatever rules they give us,” Craig said. Despite having different rules to follow this year, she is hopeful the team will still be able to follow their normal traditions Craig said. “We try to do a good job at the beginning of the year of getting everybody to know each other. So hopefully, we’ll make it as much of an easy transition as we can with team bonding and things like that. That’s the goal,” Craig said.
Lyssie Moody ‘24 says that the rules might not be followed as expected. “They had us wear masks, on the ice and walking into the rink but it is difficult to breathe while playing, so some people moved them down to their chin,” Moody said. Moody says that she isn’t as worried about the virus after practicing recently. “I’m just kind of nervous, not about Corona, but being new to the team,” Moody said.
Being a freshman on the team is new, but the virus makes it even more different. Gabby Vosburg 24’ says wearing a mask while playing is something that she isn’t used to at all. “I’ve been playing (hockey) for five years, so I feel like it’s a little different than it would normally be. You just have to wear masks, which is a little bit harder,” Vosburg said. Although practice hasn’t begun, the freshman already met their teammates. “When I met my teammates I was really welcomed and they were nice. They offered me help if I needed any.”