How to watch fall sports during Covid

Brad Kemper ‘21, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Lexi Belyue ‘21

Returning to play fall sports in the midst of a pandemic is a daunting challenge, but there are a few ways that you are able to watch games this year. These precautions include the limitation of fans at home sporting events to two persons of a blood relationship to each player, according to Michigan High School Athletic Association guidelines. Despite the student section being virtually eliminated this year, there are still ways to cheer on players from the comfort and safety of your couch.

For certain sporting events, there are alternative ways to cheer on south safely without the risk of catching COVID-19.

“Some of the games have been live streamed.” South athletic director Chris Booth said.

South students have also found ways to watch football games somewhat in-person, while observing social distancing policies.

“A few of my friends and I went to the Central library parking lot and watched [the football game] from there.” Chris Bower ’21 said.

According to AD Chris Booth to the upcoming winter sports season also in the midst of the pandemic, the plan is to continue live streaming events.

“We are partnering with the MHSAA to beginlivestreaming all gym and turf events starting in the winter,”Booth said.

One drawback to sports players is the loss of the student section and the energy and morale boost that it brings to school sponsored sporting events.

“It’s definitely noticeable that there is no student section. The game feels more like a practice and there is a lot less energy. But the games are still fun” said Varsity football player Matt Hannon ‘21