Working out while on lockdown

Gia Agosta and Kate Skupien, both '21, Page Editor and Staff Writer

This unprecedented time has put people’s schedules, like student Olivia Frye ’22, out of order, especially when it comes to staying active. Luckily, social media outlets such as YouTube and TikTok have been showing ways to workout while stuck at home.

“I play soccer for South so we were just starting the season and I was doing a lot of cardio,” Frye said. “My family has a mini gym with some equipment in my garage so I was in there a lot preparing for the season.”

According to Frye, it had been difficult to stay motivated without any games or events to look forward to, but social media has really helped her stay active and inspired.

“Social media platforms are actually really helpful,” Frye said. “They help me to stay motivated and give me new exercises so I don’t do the same ones. Watching YouTube videos with people doing the workout too is helpful.”

Student Emmie Rieth ’20 said that social media, especially TikTok, has influenced her at-home workout routine.

“There have been so many workouts being posted on TikTok in the past month and I save almost every single one to do the next day,” Rieth said.

According to Rieth, the influence of social media has pushed her to begin working out everyday.

“I have a treadmill so I usually use that, but when I’m not using the treadmill I look up a bunch of YouTube videos and fitness accounts,” Rieth said.

Rieth said that finding her new workout routine during quarantine was relatively easy because of all the content she had available to her through social media.

“So many of those accounts have challenges and daily videos geared around at home workouts and quarantine,” Rieth said. “It’s also so easy to change up what you’re doing because there are so many resources out there.”

Student athlete Emilea Zingas ’20 went from figure skating and working out around 5 to 6 hours a day, to being in quarantine, preventing her from doing her regular routine. She works alongside her sister, a division one athlete, to stay fit and on a routine during these times.

“We usually workout about 3 hours a day and I have come to love using the peloton and running outside,” Zingas said. “I usually do about an hour of cardio work, an hour of office figure skating and an hour of circuit strength workouts. I have seen so many at home workout videos on social media and I try to stick to my plan, but I have actually tried a few new things that I have seen online and it feels good to change things up.”

Before the stay at home order Student Abby Blyth ’21 stayed active through dance, she danced four days a week for two to three hours a day. Once dance was canceled she turned to the internet to stay in shape.

“I started doing the Chloe Ting Two Week Shred program online which consists of a set of video workouts that I do everyday,” Blyth said.

Since gyms are closed, Blyth does these workouts in her basement where she has access to basic equipment like weights and mats that are used in the workouts.

“I started doing these workouts to stay in shape since I’m not dancing everyday and they keep me busy during quarantine,” Blyth said.

According to Zingas she is finding new fun ways to stay active during these times. She advises anyone who is struggling to explore a new place or to play an active game.

“My advice to anyone who is struggling to get active during this quarantine is to find ways to make being active fun,” Zingas said. “After you do something to get up and get moving I promise it will make you feel better and overall more productive.”