Running the Pointes

Evie Klepp '22, Copy Editor

Concurrent with the shutdown of school and inter-school extracurriculars was the shutdown of all the gyms in Grosse Pointe, leaving many students and student-athletes without a median to workout and stay in shape.

To counteract this loss, many students have taken up running, as they can no longer partake in their sports. Sophie Schuteze ’23 has started running since her swim team, the Grosse Pointe Gators, is no longer practicing.

“I can’t swim because all the public pools are closed and I do not have a pool in my backyard,” Schuteze said. “The weather is also too cold for me to open-water swim (swim in the lake), though I definitely would if I had the proper equipment. I started running to stay in shape.”

Cross Country coach Stephen Zaranek highly recommends running during quarantine, or doing any physical activity to stay healthy.

“It is extremely important to exercise each day,” Zaranek said. “It is also a great idea to get outside for the fresh air and experience the change in scenery. Daily exercise is so important to both your mental and physical health.”

Like Schuteze, Hayden Barry ’21 has been running many miles a day to stay in shape.
“I think that keeping up with my cardio ability is really important for my physical and mental health,” Barry said. “I’ve been running between six and 10 miles a day, six days a week.”

For new runners, Zaranek recommends starting off slow, and building up to faster paces and longer distances.

“If you have never been much of a runner, spend one to two weeks doing a combination of walking and running,” Zaranek said. “Shoot for one to two miles during the first two weeks and then build up to two to three miles the following two weeks. Keep mixing the run with walking for the first several weeks.”

While running has helped athletes stay in shape, some athletes are finding it both physically and mentally demanding.

“There have definitely been some struggles,” Schuteze said. “It’s also difficult to find motivation because no one knows when we will be able to swim again. I have to remind myself to stay focused on my long term goals and this time is important to keep my strength up.”

However, Zaranek said that any exercise is good exercise, as it works to boost morale and keep spirits up during quarantine.
“The exercise helps keep you healthy in both mind and body,” Zaranek said. “We are so confined right now that getting up, getting outside and completing some excellent exercise will change your mood almost instantly. Just be careful not to overdo things early on. Slowly build up.”