Warming hearts one poem at a time

Tre Benson '21, Page Editor

Graphic by Tre Benson ’21.

Advanced creative writing is holding its second annual Valentine’s Day Poetry event leading up to Valentine’s day at the end of February. Throughout the month these students have been handcrafting unique poems for the students of South.
According to Harry Campion, dozens of poems have already been bought by students even though this only the second time the event had been running. This year, he wants to focus on making sure the poems promote a healthy environment.
“This year, the poems to be in the spirit of fun and camaraderie and not, you know, not making fun of somebody else or anything like that,” Campion said. “We won’t do any poems that might be perceived as mocking somebody.”
Lily Dingeman ’21, stated that although poems are exclusively written by advanced creative writing, students can participate by buying poems.
“We don’t want to give anyone something super bad, but they can participate in the purchasing of the poems to give to their friends, which everyone should do.”
Awmeo Azad ’21 agreed that the poems act as a creative outlet for many of the students in advanced creative writing. It helps sharpen their writing skills while also giving them another opportunity to express themselves.
“Students in ACW typically create their own stories from their own heart,” Azad said. “By working for their peers, they learn to consider things from another perspective, which is immensely useful in writing and everyday life.”
Dingeman also agrees that the poems promote creativity within the advanced creative writing class.
“It’s really good for being able to kind of write on a prompt and being able to articulate ideas that aren’t necessarily your own but for other people,” Dingeman said.
This event, originally thought of by Amelio Garcia, will help to raise money for future events in the advanced creative writing class. Lily Parrish ’21, who had taken advanced creative writing in the past, expresses her support for this event, as it helps promote confidence and creativity.
“I like that they’re selling these poems because it gives shy students a chance to anonymously give to their crushes and friends, or for students to give a genuinely thoughtful gift to their significant others,” Parrish said. “All and all selling something that’s lighthearted, lovely and something that will inspire happiness in others.”