Unified Gymnastics Team prepares for upcoming competitions

Maggie Quinn, Staff Writer

The Grosse Pointe Unified Gymnastics Team, which includes athletes from both North and South High School, is busy preparing for several upcoming competitions including meets at Birmingham Groves High School on February 12, Canton High School on February 18, and their last home meet on February 26 against Port Huron High School.

According to South gymnast Maeve Jamieson ‘22, the team prepares for the upcoming competitions by practicing their routines in detail during practice. “We make sure all of our routines are competition-ready” Jamieson said. This includes practicing on items such as balance beams, vault, uneven bars, and floor exercises.

So far, the team has also had a good season this year. “We’ve done pretty well.” Jamieson said. “We’ve had a lot of smaller meets (that) we’ve won a lot, and we’ve had two or three big meets, and we’ve gotten sixth place out of 20 teams, so we’re doing pretty well.”

Jamieson also emphasizes that there is more to the United Gymnastics team than simply practicing routines that makes it a special place. “It’s really fun, and it’s like a joint team through North and South, so if you’re thinking about doing it, definitely try it out. There’s really good girls on our team and I really like it.”

With the gymnastics season halfway through, the team’s goal is to prepare for their upcoming meets, including regionals. “If we do well in the regional meet, then we can make it to states, as an individual or as a team.” Jamieson said.“It’s definitely one of our big meets that we’re preparing for.”