SEEDS staying busy with weekly dialogue meetings, preparing for Culture Week

Brookyln Northcross '20, Supervising Editor

Between weekly dialogue meetings and preparing for Culture Week, SEEDS has been busy in the month of November.
According to SEEDS facilitator Siena Weisbrodt ’21, Culture Week is an event SEEDS is putting on during the first week of December. There will be a lot of different events that bring up social justice issues in our community.
“There will be a cultural luncheon, dialogue day, movie night and guest speaker throughout the first week of December,” Weisbrodt said.
The club has been planning for this event since the beginning of the school year by hosting poster parties, meeting with administration, and organizing logistics according to Weisbrodt.
“We have put a lot of energy into planning and this and all we can do now is hope for more support from the student body,” Weisbrodt said. “If it goes well, hopefully Culture Week can become an annual event.”