Efforts of Student Association lead to new look for Homecoming


Members of the senior class of 2019 raise the spirit jug at the homecoming game last year. This year, the spirit jug competition includes a new category for school involvement. Photo by Just-Us Welch ’20.

Tara Cole '21, Social Media Manger

Student Association (SA) has been working diligently on improving the Homecoming dance, which will be held on Sept. 28 at 7:00 p.m in the main gym.

According to homecoming committee chair, Chloe Yonkus ’20, SA has been planning lots of new additions to the dance this year to hopefully increase the attendance and help students have a better time.

“One of the biggest things we’re doing is hiring a DJ who will be taking song requests at the dance as well as the requests that were submitted through a survey in Schoology,” Yonkus said.

The dance also has a theme this year of ‘Starry Night’, according to Yonkus, which will make the decorations much more spirited and interesting.

“Another thing we’re doing this year is creating an outside lounge space for students which will include a fire pit and s’mores bar,” unity day chair Maria Lianos ’21 said.

Lianos thinks that this was a great addition for those students who may not want to dance or sit in the commons, as this allows students to hang out with friends in an outside space.

“This year we’re offering a lot more variety within the dance and we want it to be inviting to all students,”  Yonkus said.

According to SA member, Jacquelyn Wang ’21, in the past couple of years there’s been a noticeable decline in the number of students attending the dance and the amount of excitement surrounding homecoming.

“There’s been this stigma in recent years that the dance and school spirit are lame, so in order to have a more positive environment we need to take down that stigma,” Wang said. 

According to Lianos, it’s been hard to have students attend the dance because they’d rather go and hang out at someones house, however this year she hopes it’ll be different.

“Administration and SA have been working super hard to make the dance a memorable event that all students want to attend and have a great time at,” Yonkus said.