Students’ views on the Michigan vs Michigan State football game


Ryan Downey '19

Michigan played Michigan State at the Big House on October 7. The Spartans triumphed 14-10.

Isabella Craparotta, Staff Writer

Michigan divides as the big game arrives. It’s time for the annual Michigan State University versus the University of Michigan game, and the competition is fierce. State and Michigan fans across the state come together to watch the game on October 7, 2017.

On Friday October 6, South student’s wore shirts to show off their team pride for either Michigan or Michigan State. Andrew Fox, ‘19 a MSU fan and Will Leonard, ‘19 a U of M fan, we’re excited for the weekend game.

“I’m going to tailgate in Ann Arbor and go to the game with my dad and some family friends.” Leonard said.

According to Leonard, he is a U of M fan because both of his parents and grandparents went to Michigan and he one day hopes to attend the university but, for now he enjoys supporting the team and watching the games.

“My dad went to MSU for college and I’ve been a fan for a really long time.” Fox said.

Fox had family members attend the University as well as Leonard. According to Fox he plans on watching the game at home with family and friends.

“I like the sport (football) because I played for eight years and my grandpa played football in college.” Fox said.

Fox said he  had a love for the sport and therefore is dedicated to watching his favorite team play.

Football is fun to watch because you get to see players “get destroyed” and fight against the other teams like Michigan, Leonard said.

According to Fox his favorite player is Brian Lewerke on U of M and Leonard said his favorite player is Donovan Peoples-Jones on MSU.

“I pretty much go to every home game and I watch every away game.” Leonard said.

According to Leonard he will always be a U of M fan, even if he were to apply to Michigan State University he would still stay loyal to the U of M football team.  

The dream school for both Fox and Leonard are MSU and UofM but Fox said, if worse comes to worse and he doesn’t attend MSU he always will be a longtime fan.

“Last year Michigan won but previous year’s State has won the majority,” Leonard said. “They (Michigan State) won seven out of the past ten years, but I’m hoping for the best.”

According to Fox, he predicted the score to be 13-10 Michigan State.

Fox predicted a quite accurate score and Leonard’s predictions on the other hand, 21-10 University of Michigan, weren’t the results he had hoped for.

The final score for the MSU vs U of M game on Saturday October 7, 2017 was 14-10 Michigan State.