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Fall feelings of stress flourish

Harrison Balfour ’24

11 weeks. That is the longest stretch all year between two school breaks. There are a couple of half days here and there, but until Thanksgiving break, students are out of luck. For some students, they may not struggle during this period, but others may have a harder time being in school for so long. Fall time is one of the busiest with sports and school. Students are still adjusting to the workload of their classes and practices are another thing on a student’s plate. I understand that it may affect schooling by decreasing the number of learning days for another break. But, if it will help someone’s mental health and well-being, it is worth it.

For students, especially freshmen, adjusting to the workload of high school can be stressful. Also, being a student-athlete can be even more challenging. Students, including myself, have experienced this firsthand. Most sports require practice right after school, eliminating the relief of going home after a long day. Sports can sometimes take my mind off of things going on at home or school, so in that case, it can be a distraction. In my personal experience, having a vacation that would break up some of the stressful days with sports and school, would support a student’s success.

Having another break would also benefit students who have grappled with turning assignments in on time. A couple of days off can increase school productivity dramatically, which I have experienced greatly. The extra time aspect can help the student to be more relaxed about an assignment rather than rushing through it. This can ultimately lead to a better effort on the assignment or even a test. Increasing shorter deadlines nearing the end of the quarter can lead to academic burnout by a student completing so many assignments in a short amount of time.

Overall, a school break in the fall can break up the stress over a long period of time, even if it means adding extra school days to the end of the year.

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Grace Vollmer '26
Grace Vollmer '26, Copy Editor
Grace Vollmer ’26, a first-year copy editor is ready to enter the Tower after a long summer of lifeguarding. Starting her sophomore year, Vollmer’s excited to join Tower because she loves to write and she is excited for the opportunities the Tower class offers to her. Vollmer is excited to meet with more people of all grades and get to know more students. “I really like it (journalism) because I love to write and I also love talking to people,” Vollmer said. “I think it’s such a fun class because I get to interact with more people that I usually wouldn’t.” Grace loves to keep herself busy, whether it's playing with Harlow her Goldendoodle, or participating in her multi-varsity sports tennis and swimming. Always ready for a challenge on land, pool, and the court.
Harrison Balfour ’24
Harrison Balfour ’24, Supervising Photographer
If you happen to see Harrison outside of school, chances are he either has a skateboard beneath him or a camera in hand—possibly even both. As Supervising Photographer for the Tower this year, Balfour has a knack for finding and capturing the beautiful moments of everyday life, one that he hopes will someday land him a job with a newspaper publication. For now though, Tower is enough for Balfour, who sees it as an opportunity to tell unique stories and talk to people who have something to say.“I was always drawn to (Journalism),” Balfour said. “I like telling stories and talking to people-- I feel like I just like people.”When it comes to his journalistic work, however, nothing inspires Balfour more than photography.“I like taking photos (and) capturing a beautiful moment that can never happen again,” Balfour said. “It’s a one-time thing that only I saw and captured.”

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