Bye bye Blue Devils


Anamaria Garberding '23, Staff Writer

After sitting down and trying to describe my high school experience in words on paper, I was at a loss for words. When people tell you it goes by fast, it’s hard to believe it, but they mean it. The past four years of my life have been some of the happiest, saddest, and most stressful times of my life so far. I’ve made lifelong friendships with some amazing people and I’m forever grateful for that. Along with the friendships I’ve made, the memories are the things I’ll cherish the most.

No more five course lunches at Nonno’s house with my friends, no more spirit days or pep assemblies, and no more seeing so many familiar faces in the hallway. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the Blue Devils and say hello to the Badgers.

Approximately 16 hours before decision day, I decided to commit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although I’m one of three students from my school attending, I’m eager to meet new people and expand my horizons further from my community in Grosse Pointe Park. A new chapter in my life somewhere completely new to me.

As my time at South will soon come to an end, I’m trading my blue and gold for red and white and saying goodbye to the Blue Devils. The times my friends and I would talk about freshman year (thinking it was so far away) are finally here. It’s time to grow up some more. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for everyone.