Hitting high rate of defers from Michigan


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Sophia Kapla '23, Staff Writer

Early action applications for The University of Michigan decisions have recently been sent out with students’ outcomes. This year especially, U of M had many deferrals for students here at South. This was a very high recond considering that South is usually a feeder for in-state students.
Now, many students are unsure what to do about their college decisions. Questions whether students should wait for their decision or move on and choose another college are being frequently posed. .

Bernbeck, a counselor at South, says that universities like Michigan sometimes pick specifics for what they want in students who are applying.“It’s different for each student,” Bernbeck said. “Colleges sometimes want to look a second time based on the circumstance for the student. You also have to think about all the other highschools and their students and what that university is looking for in seniors at other high schools as well.”

Bernbeck also says that students shouldn’t feel impacted so much by what the outcome is, and that schools are getting more competitive over the years. .“Students shouldn’t feel like failures because they got deferred,” Bernbeck said. “Students always have academic potential to still get in.”

Sage Phillips ’23 says she doesn’t feel that this is something that should impact how we interpret ourselves as students.“From a student perspective I think we shouldn’t down ourselves because a school like U of M deferred us,” Phillips said. “A school shouldn’t define who we are as people and the things we are interested in. Personally I believe it doesn’t matter what college you attend because they all accommodate for the same purpose.”

Ava Oskui ’23 said that getting deferred is a greater chance than being rejected and not having a chance at all.“Even if you get deferred there are still opportunities elsewhere,” Oskui said. “Even if people didn’t get in, there are so many more opportunities or the chance to wait and see if admissions accept the application at a later date.”Oskui says there’s always an alternative if you don’t want to wait for the final decision.“Everyone is unique and everyone’s application is different,” Oskui said. “There are many other schools even though there was such a high rate of deferrals for Michigan there are still many other chances.”