Irish twins

Sophia Fowler '22

Caroline Parent '22, Supervising Page Editor

I’ve always been associated with my sister Charlotte. We were born 11 months apart– her birthday December 4, 2002, and mine is November 11, 2003– which makes us Irish twins. We’re always the same age for three weeks, which is one of my favorite things I get to share with her.

Being the little sister, you could say I followed in her footsteps. She plays the viola, so I started playing the viola. She joined Tower, so I joined Tower. I could go on and on, but you’d just have a list of the same activities that we both do. The only thing we didn’t share was a favorite color–she picked pink and gave me the color purple to be mine when we were two. Thanks, Charlotte.

Charlotte has been a huge role model for me my entire life. I can’t think of a better person to look up to than her. She’s kind, outgoing, witty, unique, a leader and a great older sister. I’ve learned so many rights and wrongs from her too. So, thank you Charlotte. Thank you for being the best big sister I could ask for and look up too, even if we’re rivals now (go green!).