Mid-winter break needs to stay

Andrew Isaacs '23, Staff Writer

Con: https://thetowerpulse.net/34496/opinion/safecation-for-the-win/
The month of February is near the midpoint of our school year, and for some students, it means 4 more months of school. For most students, it means mid-winter break, the week off we get for seemingly no reason other than that it is between Christmas Break and Spring Break.

As we come upon the 1st anniversary of the closing of our schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are aching to leave their homes and return to normal life. If governments are confident enough to let schools open, people should be able to go at their own risk.

For nearly everyone on Earth, the COVID-19 Pandemic was rough. Some people were affected by not being able to work, some people were not able to go to school. The unemployment crisis has inhibited the abilities of many people to pay bills and to stay employed. Most people have not yet gotten the virus, but almost everyone has been affected by it mentally. People can’t leave their homes, and can’t function normally. Getting groceries and going to the pool becomes a challenge. Vacations do a great deal to help with stress and mental issues. Most of the time, workers and families can take a vacation off, as it is included as part of their occupations. Vacations give people something great to think about when they are swamped at work or going through a rough patch in their life. With vacations put on hold last year, the mental state of the workers of our nation was diminished greatly.

We need breaks and vacations because, without them, we would have no freedom from the restrictive times that school brings. The time we get off is scarce. and gives us something to work for. Mentally, breaks help quite a bit. The brain can get overloaded and stressed when we have to study and do homework every day. If we didn’t have vacation time, there would be nothing to work for, and the work that you would do seems pointless. Vacations are a time to leave the chaotic world of work, school, and responsibility. We can enjoy the finer things in life when we don’t have to work. It is a stressful world, and I think we can all enjoy an escape from it.