Masked up and ready for fall sports

Cameron Buhler 21', Staff Writer

Jackson Lambert ’22 stands over a pile of players in the Varsity Football Team’s win over Romeo. All teams are required to wear face shields attached to their helmets. (Zach F)

The fall sports season has been a headache for several teams. From not knowing if they’re going to play or not, to adding several new rules and regulations, teams were forced to adjust.

This year, the football team went from playing to getting their season postponed, to playing again with several new regulations. The new regulations include each player wearing a mask at all times and no fans at the games other than the parents of the players. According to Justin Maccagnone ’21, the new regulations have caused a lot of frustration.

“Wearing a mask makes it pretty hard to breathe sometimes,” Maccagnone said. “I also wish we could have fans since this is my senior season. At the end of the day, I’m happy to be playing because it could be canceled like spring sports last year.”

Boys soccer is also required to wear masks at all times. According to Ian Foy ’21, wearing masks while playing is uncomfortable and useless.

“It’s really hard sometimes to wear a mask while playing, especially on a hot day,” Foy said. “Many people wear those neck gators too, which are proven to not work against preventing the virus.”

The volleyball team has also been forced to abide by any new regulations, including wearing masks at all times. According to Emily Crane ’21, the masks make it very difficult to breathe in the gym.

“The gym can get really hot and with masks on it’s become hard to breathe and it’s a lot easier to get tired,” Crane said. “The other day I was so hot and felt like I was going to pass out.”

Although the new regulations are the opposite of ideal, it’s fair to say that all athletes are lucky to be playing the sports that they love.