Chinese concealment has cost America

Matthew Kornmeier ‘21, Sports Manager

Graphic by Eva McCord ‘21

Throughout this pandemic, Americans have been trying to assign blame for the coronavirus outbreak. Some say that the President should have acted earlier to help slow the spread, some blame people for not taking government orders seriously, others blame Democrats in Congress for blocking financial aid bills and slowing the process of trying to get money to those in need.

But in reality, there is truly no way that anyone in our country or in our government can be blamed for what has happened with our country and the effects on it and the American people. There was no way to stop what was going to happen with the little insight and statistics that were available at the forefront of this outbreak. The real reason that this pandemic escalated to the point that it has is a result of the deception and lies that were, and still are, being spread by the Communist party of China.

According to multiple American intelligence agencies, at the forefront of the outbreak, China grossly underreported the amount of cases and deaths that were occuring due to the virus, causing the rest of the world to not even pay attention. They gave no insight into how easily and quickly this virus was capable of spreading and the extreme consequences that it could have on everyday life and the economy. While they locked down and protected their own people, they let the virus spread, allowing people to travel in and out of the country and allowing exports to ship all over the world.

The Chinese government then began damage control, using their influence over members who sit on the committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) to echo the same propaganda and perpetuate their lies. It was originally reported by Chinese officials and the WHO that the virus was naturally occuring and came from a bat within one of their wet markets in Wuhan. Weeks later, U.S. intelligence agencies discovered that the virus was man made and was the result of careless safety measures in a Wuhan research lab.

China knew their economy was collapsing and did not want to be left with nothing while the rest of the world economy continued to thrive, so they brought the whole world economy down with them and benefited off the struggle. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, in early January and February, the Chinese government began buying up unprecedented amounts of surgical masks, ventilators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) from the United States while the virus was taking its toll in their country. A couple months later when the virus hit the U.S. and other countries, there was a mass shortage of this PPE and China was in control of the supply.

Although the Chinese Communist Party has proved to be peaceful throughout recent history, in the shadows, its leaders have been constantly attacking the U.S. and world in so many undetected ways. They have created a world economy that unfairly benefits them and forces other countries to rely on them for so many products and mass amounts of manufacturing needs. They are constantly stealing intellectual property and ruining opportunities for American entrepreneurs in the process.

Most importantly, China has single-handedly caused a worldwide pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and ruined the lives of countless more while putting themselves in a position to capitalize on the injury they have caused other nations.

The Chinese Communist Party has been silently and successfully gaining influence and power over the United States and the world in recent history through lies and deception, and this pandemic will be the capitulation of that influence. Leaders of the Chinese communist are not acting in good faith, they want to gain power for themselves and assume all of the world’s wealth no matter the consequences.

So, if there is any blame to be placed for this invisible enemy called COVID-19, it must be placed squarely with our transparent enemy: China.