Detroit Vegan Soul Offers Unique Vegan Experience


Kari Ronning '20

Detroit Vegan Soul offers a variety of vegan dishes close to home.

Kari Ronning '20, Staff Writer

Detroit Vegan Soul sits in the middle of St. Agnes street tucked between older brick buildings with green vines and modern undertones.

The restaurant gave a healthy and friendly appeal. Each table was clean and nicely set with glasses, napkins, and silverware.

Our server let me sit wherever I wanted, so I chose a booth area that was comfortable, but it was a small space.

The menu was full of vegan options. The restaurant was centered around comfort food with items such as “catfish” sandwiches, hush puppies, mashed potatoes and bean burgers.

After trying to decide between the array of options, I chose the vegan mac and cheese as my main course and a side of Sweet Potato Bisque with mini cornbread muffins.

The server was attentive when taking my order and was quick to ask us if we needed anything else. He typed my order into his iPad.

The food did take a while to come to our table, but it was worth the wait. The mac and cheese was my favorite dish, and I added their specialty hot sauce to the noodles to add the perfect amount of heat.

The mac and cheese was creamy and rich, it had just the right amount of cheese and noodle ratio. The specialty hot sauce was a nice compliment as it added extra flavor.

As for the sweet potato bisque, it came out presentable and hot, there was a lot of fall flavor and spice to it, however, the consistency could have been a little creamier. The cornbread muffins were just ok; they were crumbly but had a nice flavor.

I would definitely recommend Detroit Vegan Soul to a friend, it was an overall calm and good atmosphere with unique food with lots of delicious flavors.