Healthy and local restaurants in Metro Detroit

Juices and soups and salads, oh my. With summer just around the corner and more places to try, here are the four best healthy restaurants in Metro Detroit.


Seva’s Baked Mac & Cheese. Photo by Sarah Stevenson

Located on 66 E Forest Ave, Detroit, Seva is a great place to stop at when downtown. They have indoor and outdoor seating, so there is plenty of room for all customers. The restaurant is vegetarian and vegan friendly and offers a wide variety of fresh food and the prices are quite reasonable and the food is absolutely amazing.

The portions are big, but not too big where customers aren’t able to finish them. Some dishes include the Baked Mac & Cheese, the Grilled Pesto Pizza Sandwich where it can be made vegan, Black Bean & Sweet Potato Quesadilla, and many more. Luckily, with many of the dishes, they are served with fries and the yam and sweet potato fries are a must.

The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting and will make anyone come back another time. The only downside with amazing food is the service can be a little slow, but I assure you that you will be happy with the food after the wait.


Sprout House

If you are looking for a great places to grab a juice or a quick meal and want to stay in Grosse Pointe, then Sprout House is a great choice. It’s located on Kercheval in the Park. Although this place is more of a market, they still have great soups and juices that are healthy and delicious.

Customers can shop for a little bit and also grab something to eat. Everything is fresh, well made, and quick. 

Smoothies are one of many healthy options up for purchase at Sprout House. Photo by Sarah Stevenson

Sprout House has a few indoor tables to sit at, but they also have outdoor seating as well.  

They have lots of different soups that are made each day and are served with fresh bread with sizes including a cup, pint and quart. They also have many sandwiches that are vegan as well.   

All of the juices begin with carrots and customers can add other ingredients as well, such as apples, ginger, cucumber, and many others. The juices are absolutely delicious and are a super refreshing drink. The prices are not expensive and are fairly reasonable for a market.

Overall, Sprout House is a great place to stop at in Grosse Pointe and offers many refreshing and delicious meals.


 This vegan friendly restaurant has some of the best healthy food. Greenspace located on 215 W Nine Mile Rd, in Ferndale. The restaurant itself is cool and has a relaxed feel to it. It’s a great place to go if you are looking for something new that’s not in Grosse Pointe.

Greenspace provides its customers a variety of vegan food. Photo by Sarah Stevenson

They have a variety of different sandwiches, salads, plates, and soups and the food is absolutely delicious. Similar to the other restaurants, their prices are fairly reasonable and the service is good as well.

Greenspace also tries to make it as easy as possible for the customers when it comes to what’s in each dish, telling if it has any nuts, gluten, soy, and many other important things. The café is completely vegan and plant based as well which allows for many options for customers.

This café does not use any microwaves or fryers, according to their website, It’s overall a great place to go to have a great sit down meal and also know that what you’re eating, is healthy and delicious.

This restaurant offers amazing healthy dishes and is a great small restaurant to spend time at in Detroit. It’s located on 8029 Agnes St in Detroit.

Detroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul located on Agnes Street in Detroit claims to be 100 percent plant based and offers many unique vegan twists on lots of soul foods. Some favorites include the Cornbread Muffins, Okra Stew, and Smothered Tempeh.

Detroit Vegan Soul offers a variety of baked goods. Photo by Sarah Stevenson

Although the restaurant is fairly small, it’s still a great place to go to have an amazing healthy dish. It’s a simple restaurant, but offers a wide variety of food for decent prices. The service is quick and the food will not disappoint.

In addition to some of their main dishes, this restaurant also has healthy dessert options as well including Carob Cookies and Lemon Pound Cake.

Overall, Detroit Vegan Soul is an amazing restaurant if you’re looking for some healthy food with a twist.