Bridgerton spin-off is fit for royalty


Maria Wortman, Staff Writer

Dearest Readers,
It seems the newest “Bridgerton” creation has yet again topped the charts on Netflix. Created by Shonda Rhimes, “Queen Charlotte” dives into the background of the show’s infamous Queen.
“Queen Charlotte” follows the story of a marriage between two young royals. Faced with countless challenges, they must uncover whether their love is strong enough to power through. A spinoff of the beloved “Bridgerton” series, “Queen Charlotte” gives viewers a look into the history of their favorite characters, and reveals buried secrets within the Bridgerton community.
The story begins when Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (India Amarteifio) is forced by her brother into marriage with the King of England. Having never met him, Charlotte is openly upset with the responsibility that has been bestowed upon her. Minutes before she is to walk down the aisle, she decides to flee the wedding and attempt to climb over a garden wall when she is stopped by a man. She confides in him about her disliking of her soon to be husband, only to find out that she is speaking to him.
Their love story takes off, paralleling between the present plot and backstory. Through showing the different perspectives of King George (Corey Mlychreest) and Queen Charlotte, the viewers are left hoping for a happy ending between the couple. Many other additional characters are given in-depth backstories, allowing fans to better connect with them.
This show left a major impression on me emotionally, especially the last few episodes. I would highly recommend it to any “Bridgerton” fans, and encourage others to begin watching the series before the spin-off. Due to high sexual content, this show is definitely best suited for a mature audience, but a worthwhile watch.
Yours Truly,
Maria Wortman