Pro: Expensive prom dresses are worth every penny

Maddie Turnbull '24, Business Manager

As it is romanticized in “High School Musical”, numerous TV shows and everyday life, prom is the night of nights. Prom is a formal event that, after working hard for the last four years, students deserve recognition for. Prom acts as a congratulatory night for students–after all, you only get one senior prom, so you want to make the most of it.
Considering prom is a formal event, you’ll want to dress the part. With thousands of options for attire, prom is the best place to show off your individual style and treat the night as your personal runway. While dresses can vary in price, the average dress is anywhere from $100 – $600.
In a world where everyone is quick to judge you for what you wear, you have to be confident in your skin. Confidence starts with what you wear. Your prom dress is an expression of your personality. It’s a piece of art. You have one night to dress up how you want. You don’t want to look back in five, ten or even thirty years and regret wearing something just because all of your friends wore similar things. You want to look back and be proud of yourself for expressing your true style at a young age and being confident in your skin.
Many people argue that it’s not worth buying a dress just to wear it once. While that’s true in some manners, your life will throw events at you at any time. In college, you might be invited to a formal, and rather than buying a cheap dress online you can rewear your prom dress. Having a formal dress in your closet allows you to be environmentally conscious about your clothing. Additionally, buying online adds lots of unknown questions to the question. Where was this made? Were the workers paid fairly? Are the materials ethically sourced?
You don’t want to waste the night of nights stressing over a dress, but remember that you only get one high school prom. You want to be confident in your skin because confidence is key. The night is your runway–stand out in the crowd, and wear something that fits you the best.