Mario review: A super new film

Jet Miller '24, Staff Writer

Watch out Hitchcock, step aside Speilberg–there’s a new film masterpiece on the silver screen. A film soon to be revered as the boldest, most revolutionary piece of not just its own era, but of the entire history of cinema. A film so earth-shattering it will inevitably be used by movie-geeks and regular film-goers alike as the divider between cinema as it was, and cinema as it is now, just as the birth of Christ delineates the Common Era from ancient times. The film I am referring to is, of course, the Super Mario Brothers Movie.

Maybe I’m being a little facetious, but the movie was by no means a bad viewing experience, as many children’s films are nowadays. With an impressive cast and an even more impressive dedication to consistency with previous Mario games, the movie has something in it for everyone. For the avid fans of the Super Mario video game series, the movie is laden with easter eggs hidden in the background of nearly every shot, in the lines of the characters and even in the musical score. For the casual viewer, the passionately-sung melodies by Jack Black’s Bowser and the playfully competitive banter between Mario and Donkey Kong throughout the entire film makes for an enjoyable experience on its own.

While the storyline is simple and follows an overly-predictable redemption arc, I think the movie deserves praise for the way it wrote Princess Peach. The plot, while it still focused on a rescue, as most Mario Brothers video games do, pitted Peach as the rescuer instead of the victim. Not only did Peach occupy a position of power in this film, but there also wasn’t an overt romantic relationship between her and Mario as could have been expected. Instead, the two characters developed an ambiguous friendship that centered around a mutual respect for one another.

Ultimately, is the Super Mario Brothers Movie worth your time? Probably not, but if you find yourself at the movies any time soon with a young child or a big-time Mario fan, I think it’s worth consideration. While it doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from the countless other recently-made animated films, it’s obvious that the creators of this movie worked with a level of passion and did so with respect for the audience, even if the jokes were a little corny at times and the story line was predictable.