Wednesday’s wicked wit wows watchers

Maggie Obrien '25, Staff Writer

POSTER Courtesy of Google, this is the poster for Netflix’s new show Wednesday, which has taken the world by storm. (Google)

Wednesday, directed by Tim Burton, is a new series based on the original titular character from The Addams Family. Portrayed by Disney Chanel star Jenna Ortega, Wednesday blew viewers away with her classic dark humor and witty repartee.

Released on Nov. 23, the show has captivated audiences across the world, even going so far as to break the Netflix viewing record. The show topped the charts for most viewed hours of a Netflix debut in English with a shocking 341.2 million hours viewed in its first week.

The show starts off with Wednesday in one of the five high schools she had been expelled from, pouring piranhas into a pool to defend her brother, Pugsley. Wednesday’s parents thought it would be a good idea to send her to a boarding school called Nevermore for all the “outcasts” of the world, hoping she could fit in or make friends. Wednesday was not thrilled with this idea and had other plans for this school.

The wacky hijinks of the show are mastered by American filmmaker Tim Burton, known for his movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Alice and Wonderland. His traditional odd and spooky style translates perfectly to the oddities of the Addams family world, and brings a sense of mystery to what would otherwise be an incredibly campy show.

Wednesday starts to become obsessed with all the mysteries she uncovered at Nevermore trying to solve them. Her desperation for knowledge drives the show forward at a breathtaking pace, leaving lots of viewers, including myself, very excited for whatever came next.