No cash? No cookie

School store requires cash, leaving no room for modern transactions.

Paulina Gallagher '23, Staff Writer

Graphic by Paulina Gallagher ’23. (Paulina Gallagher ’23 )

In an age where a majority of monetary processes are handled virtually, the concept of cash seems almost archaic. Nearly all of the paid services and events offered to students by the school only accept cash transactions, and students are wondering why the school will not transition.

While the school store does take cards, they are only able to accept payments over $5, leaving some cashless, cookie-craving students out of luck. Tracy Torosian, a parent volunteer at the school store, claims that the questions about card payments are never ending.

“I would say that maybe half of the students that come into the store ask if we accept credit cards and then a third of those kids walk out when I tell them that we don’t,” Torosian said.

According to Melissa Petz, director of student activities, areas of the outside the school and in the courtyard don’t have a strong enough WiFi connection to support a card and mobile payment reader. In addition to a weak network, implementing an official transaction system would mean that whatever banker supplies that system would take a percent of the profit.

Though the WiFi dilemma is beyond the school’s control, the absence of Venmo or PayPal as an alternative leaves some students, like Jack Vethacke ’23, wondering why they can’t use mobile payments to substitute cash.

“I feel like it would be so much easier if they would just take Venmo at the games especially, but even at the school store and concession stand,” Vethacke said. “I rarely have cash on me, and honestly I don’t typically have a card either. I’ve gotten so used to just using Apple Pay or Venmo.”

Accepting mobile and card payments may be of inconvenience to the school, but according to Vethacke, there are solutions to the problem that appease all parties.

“They should allow us to buy game tickets online with card numbers and show them a receipt at the ticket table, or maybe even set up a credit system at the school store– something to make payment options more convenient,” Vethacke said.