Olivia Rodrigo earns a sold out tour

Natalie Lemmen '24, Staff Writer

With every show on Olivia Rodrigo’s Tour selling out in December it wasn’t a shock that the artist had fans lined up outside of the venue almost twenty-four hours before the show. With her debut pop, rock, and ballot album coming out in May of 2022 Rodrigo’s fandom filled with devoted listeners knowing every lyric to every song.
Rodrigo’s opener Gracie Abrams pulled at the audience’s heartstrings with her emotional set considering it was her last show of the tour. Her set opened with her hit song “feels like” with an array of flashing lights and drums. The set brought anticipation into the room through the roof. After the set ended there were sounds of excitement and chatter.
Landing in Detroit just three weeks into her first major tour, Rodrigo showcases her album Sour with additions of covers from artists Avril Lavinge and Veruca Salt. Her mix of tearful ballots along with her punk rock made for an amazing show.
A very special moment in Rodrigo’s show was during her acoustic song “hope ur ok” Before the show, fans in line handed out small hearts to put over flashlights to glow during the song. The theater was glowing colors of red and purple through the emotional song.
Just a few days before the show Rodrigo asked that fans show up in prom clothing considering it was Abrams last show. Earlier this year Rodrigo released a short film/music video displaying her whole album at “Sour Prom”
Around halfway through the show Rodrigo brings Abrams on stage to crown her “Sour Prom Queen” Along with two other teens in the audience. The moment was truly special while giving the teens sashes that read “like the other prom queens you have before” a lyric from her song “enough for you”
Throughout the 65-minute set her 5-piece set band cranked up the quality of the music during songs like “brutal’ and “jealousy, jealousy”
Occasionally Rodrigo would leave the stage and the band would have solos displaying melodies from her music.
The show closed out Rodrigo’s encore performance playing the hit song “Good 4 u”. The song came out with the Sour album reaching 167 million streams just in 2021.