Chad Hepner named head varsity football coach

O'Hara Diamond '23, Page Editor

Coach Hepner on the sidelines of a varsity football game.

Over this past month, former varsity football coach Tim Brandon resigned from his position, and defense coordinator Chad Hepner has been announced as the new head football coach. Brandon had coached at South for 15 years and announced his retirement in December.

Hepner was formerly the defense coordinator and assistant head coach, he says it is an honor and privilege to take over the head coach position and is thrilled about this new play in his life.

“I feel very privileged to take over this position, I have some big shoes to fill,” Hepner said. “Coach Brandon had a lot of success and we had a lot of fun working together.”

Not only does he now oversee the varsity team, he now oversees the junior varsity (JV) and freshman programs. Just like anticipating the other team on the field, he anticipates a difference from his previous position and expects to do more in this career; he hopes not to fumble the ball he now carries.

“I definitely expect, from my perspective, more responsibility and decision making,” Hepner said. “Instead of just being in charge of the defense, I’m responsible for the entire team.”

Coach Hepner anxiously waits for the upcoming season with high hopes and expectations for his team as well as him. He wants to continue the tradition of winning and having success that the team held under Coach Brandon’s tenure.

“My hope is that the players have a blast, are dedicated, willing to work hard, and enjoy the experience, “ Hepner said. “I hope they are excited to play for and with each other.”

Hepner has many expectations for his team. He has the leadership skills and experience to take on his new position. Hepner (hopes to leverage?) holds the relationships with the players, teachers, and administration to (leverage?) do a good job when it comes to communicating and leading.

Grosse Pointe South wishes a good farewell to Brandon and thanks him for all he’s done. We hope that this year’s football season will continue to strive in being a great team and aiming high. Good luck to Coach Hepner and next year’s varsity football players. Give ‘em Hell Blue Devils.