Looking back on the Homecoming Pep Rally

Maren VanOsdol, Staff Writer

After last year’s homecoming was cancelled, this year homecoming week has returned. Though past pep rallies were held in the gym, this year the pep rally was held outside on the field due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Other than the change in location, pep rally activities continued normally. However,Student Association member Lilly Chen ’22 said the pep rally taking place outside presented some hurdles.
“It was definitely different being outside,” Chen said. “There were some logistics that were kind of difficult to figure out, but I think we pulled it off. It was hard to be in contact with everybody else that was running the pep assembly.”
Despite SA’s hard work and obstacles encountered, everything ran smoothly according to Chen.
“Seeing that the whole school had come together for the first time in a few years, it was a lot of work, but it was all worth it,” Chen said.
Most students didn’t notice much of a difference in spirit from previous years according to Tucker Briggs ’22.
“I think the school was very spirited, especially the ‘Seaniors’, who you could immediately tell were fired up,” Briggs said. “As a senior, it is a lot to take in that this was the last one, especially since we didn’t have one last year. But I know it was memorable, and I’m happy with how it went.”
Activities like tug-of-war and musical chairs took place with different students and teachers competing according to Bridget Backer ’22.
“Winning musical chairs was a highlight for me,” Backer said. “Just being able to do homecoming week after two years was the best feeling.”
Backer said a benefit to the pep rally being outside was that seniors were able to run on the field, which was not possible when the pep rally was held in the gym.
“I had a blast at the pep rally,” Backer said. “Getting to rush out onto the field and seeing everything happen after two years of nothing was very exciting.”
Chen said she actually preferred the pep rally to be outside.
“I like it better outside because even though it was kind of rainy that day, the weather cleared up,” Chen said. “And nobody had to wear a mask.”
The pep rally festivities were a great way to kick off homecoming week according to Briggs. Students were as spirited as ever making this pep rally one to remember.
“I’ve only been to two in my life previous to this, both a long time ago, but I knew how things would run,” Briggs said. ”It needed to be interactive as much as possible. I would say it was better than years past, but of course I’ll have some bias.”