Julia Stumb, lone freshman on varsity basketball

Emmett O'Keef '22, Staff Writer

Julia Stumb has played basketball most of her life. She was an incoming freshman this year from Saint Paul who made the women’s varsity basketball team, and was extremely excited to find out she made varsity, but also a little nervous cause it was a big change.
¨ We definitely hit the ground running right after tryouts so it was a tough adjustment to play at this level at first, but the team has been very welcoming and helpful,¨ Stumb said. ¨ I have had so much fun and gotten so close to my entire team making it a great season.¨

The team has welcomed Stumb with open arms. During a game against Dakota, Stumb rolled her ankle and came out of the game. After the game they determined she had sprained her ankle. She is working on overcoming this injury and getting back in the game. The team definitely misses her. Stumb has a big future with the basketball team, and she hopes to become the best player she can be throughout high school.