Netflix Plans to Release Movies Each Week in 2021

Patrick Koeppen '23

The absence of movie theaters left constant cinema goers starving for new releases of blockbuster movies. Netflix aims to end this hunger for new movies by releasing several movies each week during 2021. The new movies plan to be a mix of Netflix originals and other film production movies.

Netflix halted the release of new movie originals and other films due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and planned to release them at a later date. All originals and other movies bought by Netflix that planned to be released in 2020 were stopped. Netflix halted production and releases of these movies to ensure that they were not going to lose money if they were to release the films.

Currently, Netflix plans to give their loyal subscribers movies on a weekly basis starting in 2021. Big name movie stars like Dwayne Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio plan to not hit the big screens, rather, the tablets and TVs at Netflix subscribers homes. Even if the movies aren’t Netflix originals, which Netflix spends most of their budget on, they will be given on their platform for their subscribers to watch at home instead of the theater.

Now, more than ever, streaming services are vitally important to the entertainment industry, and many movie production companies have lost money due to cinema closures. Companies like Warner Bros and Sony have made plans to open their own streaming services, however for the time being, Netflix has bought several of their films for release on their platform. Movies like “Spider-Man, Into the Spiderverse” are planned to be released on Netflix, although it is originally Sony production.

Netflix saw a dip in sales revenue and movies on their platform in 2019. Shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation have been pulled off of Netflix in 2021 because NBC released their own streaming service: Peacock. Several Disney movies and TV series were also removed from Netflix due to the release of their streaming service Disney+. The pandemic gave Netflix an opportunity to resurrect as the leading streaming service by buying all movies from production companies that did not yet have their own streaming service. Production companies like Sony and Warner Bros decided to sell their movies to Netflix. Now, Netflix plans to give out these movies and originals on a weekly basis in 2021.

While this pandemic hurts many companies and their profit and revenue, some companies have found this pandemic to be an opportunity to gain money. Netflix is one of those companies finding ways to make money. Netflix new releases are planned to be given to loyal customers of their service weekly, more as a prize for their loyalty in the new year.