Movie messages miss the mark

Movie messages miss the mark

Bridget Doyle '20, Copy Editor

Director of “Chicken Run” and “Charlotte’s Web” Karey Kirkpatrick has now brought home another family-friendly film aimed for all audiences “Smallfoot”, a movie about the discovering of humans from a yeti’s perspective and the adventures that follow.

Although this overall lighthearted musical does contain some hidden messages buried below the carefree humor and simplistic scenes, the plot, in general, is not worth keeping track of, as “Smallfoot” is similar to many other animated movies already released.

“Smallfoot” stars an affectionate yeti named Migo (Channing Tatum) who finds a human within the snowy mountains where he roams. After Migo brings back the news of the human (Smallfoot) to his home, he is soon banished by the village because his tale goes against one of the many village’s beliefs. Migo is left to embark on a wild journey with several other outcasts (Lebron James, Zendaya and Gina Rodriguez) to prove to the rest of the yeti population humans do exist.

Several messages arise from “Smallfoot”; one being to speak for yourself and do not limit yourself to the rules of another. This is a daring theme choice for a movie with such shallow and incomplete characters, but it can also leave viewers thinking.

Though all but one song in this film were not even close to being on the level of “Frozen”, there were several action-packed scenes not that stood out to me and kept me on my toes. The animators did a wonderful job with this film– the mountains and the yetis were all wonderfully animated, bringing every scene to life with lots of color and detail.  

Overall, the famous, all-star lineup of actors voicing the characters in “Smallfoot” and controversial hidden messages were not enough to make up for the lack of character development, cheesy songs and overuse of the same plot throughout family movies. “Smallfoot” may be appealing for younger children, but teenagers and adults may find the majority of this movie boring and unentertaining. Throughout the next couple of weeks, you can view “Smallfoot” in your local movie theater.


PG, 2/4 stars, 1h 49 minutes.