Crossed: The differences between boys and girls lacrosse

May 16, 2017

There are many qualities both girl and guy lacrosse players need to possess in order to compete and perform well. One, perhaps the most important, is being consistent and determined.

The players should be consistent and practice both at home and at school. One way you could practice at home is to play with a friend to practice your throwing and another way is to just play with the wall to help improve your stick skills.   

“I try to practice at home, but I don’t always have a ton of time. I usually try to play wall ball or try to play with some friends,” Adrian Martinelli ’18 said.   

The girl’s lacrosse coach helps the players fix their mistakes and work with them to help the players improve, according to Anna Clark ’18.

“[Leverenz] works with you so that you know how to fix your mistake, and if you make it more than once she will usually make you run a lap or two depending on the amount of times you made the mistake,” Clark said.

The Boys Lacrosse coach also helps the team improve by guiding them through the mistakes they make. If the players make the same mistake repeatedly they will have to run a lap or two around the field according to Martinelli.

“ I am on the Varsity B team, so it’s not like [ coach Macksoud] is always yelling at us.  He’s pretty chill about it, if we make [a mistake] more than once he will usually have us run a lap around the field but other than that, not too bad,” Martinelli said.

The Boy’s Lacrosse team gets along really well, according to the coach Justin Macksoud.

“The team is truly one big happy family. The Seniors Ryan Kotas, Chris Elliott & Jacob Yezback have made everyone from Freshmen to Juniors feel like they’re all brothers,” Macksoud said. “Our mission as coaches is to teach the game to the best of our ability without losing sight of the fact that this is supposed to also be fun for the players.”

Photo by Will Muwad

The Girl’s Lacrosse team does not have any captains this season. According to Vanessa Leverenz, the Girl’s Lacrosse Coach, there is no need to have a set captain for the team, but she picks girls who show the most leadership and have done really well throughout the week.

“There aren’t any captains, so what we do is I just pick them based off who’s been showing leadership and who’s doing really well,” Leverenz said.  

As for the boy’s team, the Captain is Mickey Kuchta ’19, according to Macksoud. The boy’s team has a set captain throughout the season.

“Our team captain is Mickey Kutcha, who is a sophomore and has shown a lot of improvement and leadership,” Macksoud said.

The girl’s team has done very well on improving their stick skills throughout the season, according to Leverenz. Although the girls have improved, Leverenz thinks the girls should continue to work and improve for next season.

“ I think that if the girls really practice their sticks skills over the summer, next year will be a really successful season,” Leverenz said.

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