Claire Hubbell, and Mary Grace O’Shea, both ’17, helping out with the Spanish Honor Society’s bake sale last week. (Photo by Grace Reyes '19)
Claire Hubbell, and Mary Grace O’Shea, both ’17, helping out with the Spanish Honor Society’s bake sale last week.

Photo by Grace Reyes '19

Spanish Honors Society bake sale to help students in Amazon region

March 6, 2017

The National Spanish Honor Society (NSE) held a bake sale to raise money to support the efforts of the Detroit Zoological Society and the Conservacion de la Naturaleza del Peru, A.C. (CONAPAC) organizations in Iquitos, Peru, according to Kimberly Truza, Spanish teacher and head of the Spanish Honors Society at South.

“We are excited to support this program as it brings awareness about world cultures and conservation to our students at South and helps both the environments and those in need,” Truza said.

The partnership is called the Amazon Rainforest Adopt-A-School Program that provides educational materials and supplies to Peruvian Students and the teachers in and around the rainforest.

“We’re also trying to start a language week, basically, where we are going to do events for each language class,” Carson Dara ’18 said. ”There will be one for French, one for Spanish, one for Italian, and this is might help to fund all of the activities going on during the week.”

According to Truza, they are trying to raise enough money (425 dollars) to help support an entire school in the Amazon region.

“It was great to participate in a fundraiser that is towards such a great cause. It’s amazing how we can help with something so small as a bake sale,” Gabby Gigante ’17 said.

According to Gigante, the bake sale raised 174 dollars and each 50 dollars raised helps support one child’s education for an entire year.

Photo by Grace Reyes ’19
The Spanish Honors Society bake sale was held last week.

“The support of the South staff and students is much appreciated as we work towards our goal,” Truza said.

The bake sale was held from Tuesday, Feb. 28 through Thursday, March 2nd.

“It’s great to know that the National Spanish Honors Society is making a difference in Hispanic lives,” Gigante said.

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