Class of 2018 Coffeehouse rocked South with live student talent

March 26, 2017

On March 17, happy crowds of people enjoyed the Coffeehouse in Grosse Pointe South’s cafeteria that was organized by the class of 2018.

“It went better than we could ever have hoped for. It was absolutely amazing. I think everybody who attended had a wonderful time. I saw a lot of people smiling and laughing,” Katherine Parent, the class adviser, said.

While listening to musical performances and slam poetry by South students, as well as participating in the silent auction, people enjoyed the provided coffee and snacks.

“There was a good amount of parents, some faculty, but mostly South students that supported each other with was really cool to see,” Muriel Steinke ‘18, chair of the audition committee, said.

According to the Student Council, more than 200 people showed up.

“The cafeteria was totally packed; there was pretty much only standing room,” Parent said. “I think that’s a good indicator of a successful event.”

This was the second time this fundraiser took place. Council students brought the idea back from a state conference with other school councils, Parent said.

The effort to prepare for this success was worth it. According to Steinke, they were working on it since December.

“As the first step, the coffeehouse council had to com

e up with the auditions. After running the auditions and making sure that everyone’s act was school appropriate, we advertised and collected items for the silent auction,” Parent said.

Even though it did take up a lot of time, students enjoyed working on the committee board for this event.

“It’s a super fun event to put together and it gets people really involved,” Steinke said.

The silent auction that was also part of the program was made possible by donations of local businesses, according to Steinke.The funding the class of 2018 earned at this fundraiser promotes class events like student leadership conferences or investing in the homecoming float, Parent said.

“The money primarily goes to the Senior Prom, but we also do a community outreach program, we donate money to the incoming freshmen class and we have a class gift at the end of the year. It also helps paying for activities that we do, field trips though student council and scholarships,” Steinke said.

As a whole, the Coffeehouse seemed to be a very fun evening for all the people that showed up to enjoy the singing, acting, monologues and musical performances by talented South students from all grades.

“I think it was a really cool event and we want to do it even more than once a year,” Steinke said. Everyone should come in the future.”

Ella Diepen '18

Full house at the Class of 2018 Coffeehosue.


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