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Paige Evers ’22
Paige Evers is a junior in her second year on Tower as the associate editor of pulse. Paige joined The Tower to meet like-minded people as well as being a part of the school's voice. She also finds writing to be a calming activity for her. Extracurricular wise, she participates in French club, peer to peer, and runs fast in cross-country and track. She has a passion for business and wants to possibly pursue political science and or marketing in college. Paige also enjoys spending time with friends and watching shows like “Criminal Minds” and “That’s 70s Show” on Netflix. One of her proudest moments on Tower is when she wrote and uploaded an article in one-day right when school was first out due to COVID-19.
Paige’s motto in life is that “it doesn’t matter what others think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself.”

Paige Evers '22, Associate Editor of Pulse

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Paige Evers ’22