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2016-2017 Staff

Sylvia Hodges

Copy Editor

Sylvia Hodges is a first year copy editor for the Tower.  She also plays soccer for South and loves to read.

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Riley Lynch

Supervising Editor, Graphics

Riley Lynch is a Junior and second-year staffer.  She specializes in graphic design and mainly creates editorial cartoons for the paper in addition to writing.  In addition, she loves bees, screaming, and causing scandals. ...

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Phoebe Miriani

Supervising Editor, Photo

Phoebe is a first year staffer and the co-supervising editor of photos. Phoebe enjoys eating spoonfuls of nutella out of the jar and talking about how funny she is. She is also Jimmy Fallon’s #1 fan. ...

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Margot Baer

Staff Writer

Margot Baer is a two year staff writer, enthusiastic vegan and John Mulaney’s biggest fan.

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Liz Bigham

Supervising Editor At Large

Liz Bigham is a second year staffer and is Co Supervising Editor At Large for The Tower.  Liz enjoys playing lacrosse and listening to music, as well as spending time with friends and family. Her two dogs and cat are her most p...

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Liam Walsh

Page Editor

Liam Walsh is a Junior and a Page Designer. He has 2 siblings, Cecile and Nicholas. He grew up in Grosse Pointe and is a lifelong Michigan fan. His favorite TV show is The Office and his lifelong goal is to become Michael Scott...

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Kathleen Carroll

Web Content Manager

Kathleen Carroll is a sophomore, first-year staffer and an editor for Pulse.

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Kaitlin Nemeh

Staff Writer

Kaitlin Nemeh is a second year staff writer for the Tower. In her limited free time she LOVES taking cat naps with her cats and spending an ungodly amount of time rowing starting her days at 4:45 am. She procrastinates while do...

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Lauren Thom

Supervising Editor, Photo

Lauren is a second year staffer and is the co-supervising editor of photos. She enjoys watching Netflix in bed on rainy afternoons and loves peanut butter M&M's.  She also feels uncomfortable writing an autobiography in thi...

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John Schulte

Staff Writer

John Schulte is a first year staff writer. John particularly enjoys all things nautical and laughing at Jack Holme’s jokes.

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JD Standish

Page Editor

JD Standish is a junior at south high school this is his third year on staff. He is a page editor who is very dedicated. JD plays lacrosse golf and skis and enjoys lobster.

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Harper McClellan

Staff Writer

Harper is an 11th grader who is a first year staff writer and has a deep passion for writing journalistically. Harper keeps up with her fellow teens by using her penny board complete with glow in the dark wheels as her main for...

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Griffin Jones

Staff Writer

Griffin Jones is a first year staffer learning design graphics under the watchful eyes of Riley Lynch. Griffin Jones is describing himself in third person for some reason because this is an autobiography and that’s how everyone else ...

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Claire Koeppen

Copy Editor

Claire Koeppen is a sophomore and copy editor for the Tower. She enjoys going to concerts, playing field hockey and lacrosse, and listening to Christmas music year round.

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Bianca Pugliesi

Staff Writer

Bianca Pugliesi is a sophomore and a copy editor for the Tower. She is an avid pizza-eater and loves her dog very much.

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Alyssa Czech

Copy Editor

Alyssa Czech is a sophomore and a copy editor. She loves ice cream and playing sports, especially hockey. Her last name is a country.

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Alex Acker

Staff Writer

Alex Acker, is a first year staff writer. He plays tennis for South and works for the Farms Park as a tennis coach in the summer.

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Chase Clark

Page Editor

Chase Clark is a junior and a page editor for the tower. He has been on staff for two years and plans to be on it senior year as well. He enjoys fantasy football and Annie’s Homegrown shells with white cheddar mac and cheese. ...

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Cameron Smolen

Page Editor

Cameron Smolen is a page editor for the Tower. He is a proud member of the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Lacrosse team.  He strives for academic excellence and enjoys the show Lost.

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Audrey Whitaker

Staff Writer

Audrey Whitaker ’19 is a first year staff writer for The Tower. She loves sailing, mom jeans and would live off of Wally's Frozen Custard if it were possible.

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Abi Due

Managing Editor, Social Media

Abi Due is at Junior at Grosse Pointe South. This is her second year on staff and she is the social media editor. She's excited to continue writing for the newspaper.

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Rachel Harris

Supervising Editor, Copy

This year will be Rachel Harris’ second year on staff. Rachel is currently a Supervising Copy Editor. Besides from spending time in the Tower room, Rachel is on the cross country and tennis team and enjoys planning Homecoming ...

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Ray Hasanaj

Supervising Editor, Page Editor

Ray Hasanaj is a junior third year staffer. He is supervising page editor and has no idea what he is doing in Fantasy Football. He picked a kicker fifth round. Smh.  

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Blair Cullen

Staff Writer

Blair Cullen is an first year staff writer  and plans to actually finish out the year this time. Her talents consists of finishing a pack of 12 diet coke in less than 24 hours.

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Piper Eschenburg

Staff Writer

Piper Eschenburg is a first year staff writer.  In her free time she plays with her dog, who doesn’t have a tail, and feels sorry for him.

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Arianna Pagenette

Staff Writer

Arianna Pagenette is a junior, a Starbucks enthusiast and second year staff writer for the Tower. She enjoys cheerleading at football games, rowing and volunteering at the St. Louis Center.

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Ian Dewey

Staff Writer

Ian Dewey is a junior and merely another writer for the Tower, as one can obviously tell.  He likes to spend my free time feeding my crippling internet addiction, and listening to music.  (These obviously aren’t real hobbies...

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Alyssa Cole

Staff Writer

Alyssa Cole is a Tower staff writer. Outside of school she is on a competitive dance team for the Turning Pointe School for the Performing Arts. She also loves dogs, shopping, and traveling.

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Grace Reyes

Staff Writer

Grace Reyes is a first year staff writer. In her free time reads and paints. She loves  running cross country and spending her time on the outside.

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Katherine Bird

Page Editor

Katherine Bird is a page editor and this is her 2nd year on staff. Katherine enjoys attempting to make cool graphics for her page but then ends up having to ask Liz for help but she’s super qualified (sike). In her free time she en...

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Brennan Zihlman

Executive Producer, Tower Radio

Brennan Zihlman is a junior at Grosse Pointe South. He is the executive producer of the Tower Radio. Brennan aspires to provide news to students in a creative and entertaining way. He is a member of Grosse Pointe South’s Ulti...

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Sarah Stevenson

Staff Writer

Sarah Stevenson is a sophomore and also a staff writer for the Tower. She loves sailing, lacrosse, and especially TCBY.

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Olivia Mylnarek

Staff Writer

Olivia is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. In her free time Olivia enjoys running and eating pasta.

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Henry Ayrault

Sports Manager

Henry Ayrault is in 10th grade. This is his first year on staff. His job on staff is the Sports Manager for The Pulse website. In his free time, Henry likes to play frisbee, basketball, and his seventh cousin’s dog’s brot...

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Harper McClellan

Staff Writer

Harper is an 11th grader who is a first year staff writer and has a deep passion for writing journalistically. Harper keeps up with her fellow teens by using her penny board complete with glow in the dark wheels as her main for...

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Donald McGlone

Staff Writer

I’m Donald McGlone, I’m a first year staffer and a football player.

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Katie Costello

Staff Writer

My name is Katie Costello, and I am in tenth grade. I run cross country in the fall, and play soccer in the spring for South. My favorite subject in school is science.

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