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Low turnout at pep assembly reflects poorly on spirit

Low turnout at pep assembly reflects poorly on spirit

November 24, 2010

South’s underdog victories on the way to the state semi-finals were bound to raise support from the school com­munity. Students proved this by attending the games in huge numbers, ready to cheer the Blue Devils on to victory. With this show of support, it’s puzzling that when South’s admin­istration and Student Association proposed a pep assembly to be held the day b...

Recession painful, but teaches valuable lessons

Recession painful, but teaches valuable lessons

November 17, 2010

No doubt the effects of the recession have poured over into the lives of teenagers. From worrying about day-to-day expenses to troubling over high unemployment and stressing about affording college, there are countless teen angles to the economic downturn’s wrath. As hard as the times have been, they also offer an opportunity for those in their teen years to learn and ...

High school field trips increase motivation, provide fun experiences

Image used with permission from Cedar Point

November 10, 2010

As students walk into Physics teacher Matt McGuire’s room, everyone grows frightened as he silently types his message to them on his twitter account, which is visible on the projector; they are aware that this is bad news.  Sure enough, he delivers the worst news possible; the Cedar Point trip for the Physics classes has been cancelled.  Field trips ...

Artwork brings color to community

Artwork brings color to community

November 3, 2010

Two world-class painting replicas hang on Kercheval storefronts, 20 minutes away are the real pieces. People from all around the world travel to Detroit to see famous artwork. Grosse Pointers should seize the opportunity of the recent Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)anniversary, accompanied by...

Docufide problems should have been anticipated

Docufide problems should have been anticipated

October 27, 2010

College-bound Seniors have faced many frustrating problems throughout the college application process, but this year it is largely stemming from Docufide, the new online transcript service. Although the idea of such a service is to facilitate a speedy transfer of information to colleges and universities, the opposite seems to be true. ...

State superintendant visit confirms progress

October 20, 2010

Superintendant Mike Flanagan’s visit to Grosse Pointe on Wednesday, Oct. 13 gave the district an excellent opportunity to showcase its best attributes to the man holding the purse strings. However, the visit also raised some sobering questions regarding the future of the state’s educational system along with Grosse Pointe. Like most districts, in the past few years, Gr...

District juggles schedules with cross-town classes

October 13, 2010

Even through tough budgets times, the Grosse Pointe Schools community has found a way to offer greater options for students through both high- and low-tech means. This refers to the school system’s policy allowing students to attend select core and elective classes at both South and Grosse Pointe Nort...

School should focus on educating all, not raising test scores

Artwork By Annie Gough '11

October 6, 2010

  Despite the beloved notion of the self-made man, the accomplishment of South students is greatly a product of the community as a whole: teachers, parents and peers included. As the results of Grosse Pointe’s Michigan Merit Exam (MME) have been released, they have proven to be a hot topic in ...

The Tower’s editorial: child care classes at South

Artwork by Annie Gough '11

September 29, 2010

  No more cheering the tikes in the Trike-a-thon. The elimination of Child Care has removed an extremely important opportunity for students at South who are considering going into education, and more students should consider taking this class so it can be reinstated in the future. Child Care classes were a unique opportunity at South, and one that many students looked forwar...