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Opinion how to: Celebrating Mother’s Day in quarantine

Graphic by Kate Weidig '22.

Kate Wiedig '22, Staff Writer

May 10, 2020

Make a nice dinner While you may not be able to sit down in a fancy restaurant this Mother’s day, you can bring the atmosphere and experience of dining out, into your own home. Prepare a three course meal and include her favorite appetizers, main course and dessert. Set up candles and lights aroun...

Opinion: Chinese concealment has cost America

Opinion: Chinese concealment has cost America

Matthew Kornmeier ‘21, Sports Manager

May 7, 2020

Throughout this pandemic, Americans have been trying to assign blame for the coronavirus outbreak. Some say that the President should have acted earlier to help slow the spread, some blame people for not taking government orders seriously, others blame Democrats in Congress for blocking financial...

Opinion: Quarantine brings family closer together, and not just physically

Evie Klepp '22 hikes with her family before quarantine at the Bright Angel Trailhead. Photo courtesy of Evie Klepp '22.

Evie Klepp '22, Copy Editor

May 5, 2020

I can’t remember the last time my family was together for this long. My dad’s work required him to travel, making him leave every Monday to the destination of the week and return home every Thursday, repeating the process every week. Since this is obviously not possible anymore, he has been tethered...

Opinion: Golf course openings assists quarantine boredom

With the opening of golf courses in the area, people can now start to get back to an activity outside of the house.

Jackson Marchal '21, Assistant Business Manager

May 4, 2020

Restrictions on golfing during quarantine were lifted April 24. Since then, tee-times have been completely booked for three consecutive days. The controversy is whether this could make the coronavirus situation worse. In my opinion, it has no effect. There are possible risks of getting too close to...

Opinion: College compromises, pressure due to COVID-19

Opinion: College compromises, pressure due to COVID-19

Maura Shine '20, Supervising Editor at Large

May 4, 2020

May 1 is a daunting day for most seniors as they must decide where to start their next educational path. Weighing pros and cons, researching online and talking to friends and counselors can only go so far. Making the decision of where to go to college is already hard enough when you actually have the...

Opinion: Living on the front line of COVID-19: Reality of global pandemic told through eyes of family member who works with coronavirus patients daily

Keeping virus at bay: Ben Farber's '21 mother, shares her protective face mask and visor at work to keep her safe.

Ben Farber '21, Staff Writer

May 4, 2020

When the clock reads 7:30 p.m., I hear my mom’s car roll into the driveway after a long day of online school and other activities. Just as I attempt to greet her, she goes directly to the medicine cabinet without saying a word to grab the thermometer and take her temperature. This is the new normal...

Opinion: Defining success

Jackson Jogan '21, Supervising Page Editor

May 4, 2020

Success is defined differently for everyone. There is no true definition of success, because if there was, anyone would be able to achieve it. Everyone would know what they're fighting to achieve at all times, and that seems pretty boring to me. The individuality of success is what makes it such a universally...

Our View: Cycle of stressors, cheating

Our View: Cycle of stressors, cheating

The Tower Editorial Board

May 4, 2020

Academic integrity has remained at the forefront of student’s educational morals since first stepping foot in South. While grades, GPAs and exams will always be held to the highest standard by students, new priorities have risen in such an unprecedented time. According to the United Nations Children...

Opinion: Cooking provides bonding, outlet for creativity during isolation

Marcus Boddy '20, Staff Writer

May 1, 2020

Cooking is one of the most underrated activities, in my opinion. Everyone eats, but not everyone spends time making and crafting delicacies for themselves. After getting tired of eating cereal during quarantine, I decided that I wanted to try something new. After all, I had a whole kitchen of tools and...

Opinion: Our freedom is vulnerable

Nonessential stores, like this one, are ordered closed to customers under Gretchen Whitmer's order. Photo by Matthew Kornmeier '21.

Matthew Kornmeier '21, Section Manager

April 30, 2020

During unprecedented times throughout history, like these, there are always concerns as to what liberties the government can take even if it seems like the right thing to do or is backed by good intentions. In fact, in times of uncertainty we historically see government taking liberties that infringe...

Opinion: Celebrating faith in isolation

Becca Koch '22, Staff Writer

April 27, 2020

Growing up, my faith was a big part of my existence. My family is Catholic and I attended religious education for eight years before becoming confirmed. After, I joined a weekly youth group through my church, in addition to attending Mass almost every week. This was a part of my identity and a weekly...

Opinion: Creative quarantine

Maddie Weekley '21, Copy Editor

April 27, 2020

I’ve always been a creative person (notice how I said creative and not talented). You see, I’ve never been good at art, which is part of the reason why I’ve never made time for it. When school was still in session, I barely had enough energy for homework, let alone recreational crafts. Now, quarantine...