The Tower Pulse

We need to have a talk

Cartoon by Riley Lynch '18

Editorial Board

March 22, 2017

Given that in today’s society a certain number of high school students engaging in sexual activity seems unavoidable, we believe that students should be properly educated about the decisions they may choose to make, and what measures can be taken to prevent against sexually transmitted infections and unwa...

The school district can’t do this alone. Students need to get involved.

Cartoon by Riley Lynch '18

Editorial Board

March 15, 2017

The Grosse Pointe Public School System is starting to get the ball rolling on addressing issues of diversity in the school system, and it is not going unnoticed. We would like to recognize the fact that diversity initiatives are being put in place, but also note that there is room for improvement, and th...

Adequate infrastructure is crucial for a healthy student body

Adequate infrastructure is crucial for a healthy student body

March 10, 2017

Wallpaper is peeling. Ceilings are leaking. Tiles are missing. While South’s infrastructure is falling apart, some elementary schools in the district are enjoying luxurious 21st century styled classrooms. We believe that the district should abridge the gap between the Grosse Pointe schools by f...

We need to talk, let’s take a break

Graphic by Riley Lynch '18

Editorial Board

February 15, 2017

As high school students, we’re expected to perform a continuous, near-impossible balancing act. In addition to roughly 35 hours of school every week, we have to make time for homework, friends, family and numerous extracurricular commitments. Breaks from school are a rare source of relief from these hectic...

South hopes to integrate more black history throughout the year, not just the month

South hopes to integrate more black history throughout the year, not just the month

February 10, 2017

It’s finally February, and you know what that means: it’s Black History Month, otherwise known as our annual attempt to cram more than 400 years of history into 28 short days. Black History Month is an integral fixture in American culture. It is our time to celebrate and recognize the achievem...

Course selection: More students find themselves overburdened

Cartoon by Riley Lynch '18

Editorial Board

January 20, 2017

It’s midnight on a Tuesday. Your eyes and thoughts begin to blur as sleep’s dreaded grip takes hold. A combination of sports and extracurriculars has just now allowed you to make a considerable dent in your homework. If you stay up, your brain will be as good as mush tomorrow. On the other ha...

A late winter break means less time for holiday prep

Illustration by Sam Cannon '19

Editorial Board

December 16, 2016

The best part of the holiday season is the anticipation leading up to the big day; the days before where kids are stress free and out of school, families are reunited and in preparation mode and everyone gets into the holiday spirit by watching movies on ABC Family. Luckily, this year South students...

Together we stand: We cannot hope to achieve greatness divided as a school

Graphic courtesy of Griffin Jones '18

Editorial Board

December 9, 2016

We cannot let ourselves slip up and make national headlines again with some irresponsible acts committed by students. This goes for both sides, as students we should lose with grace and win with dignity. Don’t kick someone while they’re down, instead extend a hand to help them up and recognize t...

Planes, trains and autonomous cars

Illustration by Grace Reyes '19

Editorial Board

November 17, 2016

We have had two World Wars, multiple economic recessions and 19 presidents of the United States since the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908. But one thing has stayed consistent throughout time: cars have always been operated by a person, never by a computer. With the recent advance...

Our passion for our country shouldn’t stop at the voting booths

Our passion for our country shouldn't stop at the voting booths

November 11, 2016

By the time the Tower hits your desk or your email inbox today, the election results will have already flooded all of your social media the moment it happens and a new 45th President of the United States will be announced. Snapchat will have a new filter ready for supporters to add to their stories. And Fa...

Tower staff says goodbye to beloved adviser

Tower staff says goodbye to beloved adviser

June 7, 2016

2013 was a rough year. A strenuous year, one like “The Tower” had not seen in the past. Partway through the year, we had seen the death of beloved adviser, Jeff Nardone, and would have a chaotic arrangement for the next year, with multiple advisers of “The Tower” and teachers for the Honor...

Social media should turn for more likes and less hate

Cartoon by Riley Lynch '18

May 25, 2016

Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Many students have at least one or more of these social media networks. They connect us to others across the globe, allow us to share new ideas and voice our own opinion and be who we are. Redefined beauty and new insecurities are two major nega...