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Our view: Students, internet users at risk without net neutrality

Editorial cartoon by Riley Lynch '18.

Tower Editorial Board

December 15, 2017

The internet is amazing; it has completely changed the way we live. We spend hours every day browsing the internet on our phones, and school curriculums have been overhauled to take advantage of the internet. We often forget how revolutionary the internet was as it has become an essential aspect of m...

Clearing the smoke: addressing a national debate and how a proposed bill will impact the district

If it becomes law, a bill passed in the Michigan senate will let anyone with a Concealed Pistol License carry a concealed weapon inside Grosse Pointe South.  Editorial cartoon by Eva McCord.

Tower Editorial Board

December 6, 2017

Las Vegas music festival shooting. Texas church shooting. Northern California elementary school shooting. Detroit Noel Night shooting. Just two months after the Las Vegas mass shooting and a few weeks after the mass shooting in Texas, the Michigan Senate committee approved bills to allow gun own...

The long haul: Amount of school before Thanksgiving break causes stress to students and faculty alike

Editorial cartoon by Griffin Jones '18.

November 9, 2017

Week one: exciting. New teachers, new classes, new classmates.   Week two: enlightening. Introductions to new, intriguing material. (Or not so intriguing, as shown by the continuous line of frustrated students weaving out of the counseling center’s doors).   Weeks three and ...

An open letter to the teaching staff at south

The Tower Editorial Board

October 26, 2017

Dear Teachers, The art of teaching is not one easily mastered over the course of a single day, night, month or even year. Teaching is something that calls out the best of society to pour their efforts into tending the garden of youth; a job never appreciated enough and only for the strong of heart...

Remaining true to our roots: Recognizing a history of journalism excellence, to protect the future.

Graphic by Griffin Jones '18

The Tower Editorial Board

October 18, 2017

It would be an understatement to say journalism has the same public integrity it did 20 years ago. This lack of trust isn’t unwarranted; in professional journalism today, articles and stories come out with angles to satisfy a specific audience and get paid based off of ratings, not objectivity. Th...

Administration responds harshly to vaping situation

Administration responds harshly to vaping situation

October 4, 2017

The electronic cigarette was first invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003; they were first available for sale in 2004.  Originally intended as a device to help people kick the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, the modern “vape” has now gained notoriety as a recreational activity, and...

Thank you, Edge

A group picture of the family.

June 4, 2017

The Tower staff has been through a lot in the past four years. It hasn’t been a traditional high school journalism paper by any means.

Student rankings are the proactive measure for an advantage in college

Illustration by Sam Cannon


May 17, 2017

We at the Tower believe class rankings could give the competitive motivation needed for students to realize their full grade potential and lead to further success beyond their high school years. Grosse Pointe South currently doesn’t offer class rankings, in which students receive placement based on the...

Privatized security should not replace our valued, community-oriented hall monitors

Graphic by Riley Lynch '18

Editorial Board

May 3, 2017

They provide guidance, emotional support and love to students. They deliver attendance sheets, packages and other items for teachers. They are family-oriented individuals who are part of the South community. They have invested years of hard work and dedication to South. Our hall monitors love being at...

Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week is this week. Cartoon from Grace Reyes '19.

2016-2017 Tower Editorial Board

April 26, 2017

Coming down to the home-stretch of the school year means getting buried in the motions of tests and assignments, leaving little time to just breathe and appreciate the people around you. Staff Appreciation Week is meant to be that little breath, those five reserved days where we as students get to tha...

Driving awareness, safety should be promoted the entire year, not just April

Driving awareness, safety should be promoted the entire year, not just April

Editorial Board

April 23, 2017

A buzz, a ding. Look down, and in a single second, your life has just changed forever. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and we at the Tower feel that all readers should be educated on the risks of distracted driving and how to limit distractions while driving on any road. The Nati...

Increased South community support of the fine arts will bring out student talent, recognition

Cartoon by Riley Lynch '18

Editorial Board

March 29, 2017

It doesn’t take much to notice the true talent South possesses in its student body. Our athletic hall of fame is running out of room. The choir constantly brings back awards from trips abroad. We are proud to have a student with a perfect score on the ACT. One area that lacks attention h...