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Spring/Summer 2021 Workouts

Spring/Summer 2021 Workouts

Patrick Koeppen '23 April 5, 2021

With spring and summer rapidly approaching, breaking out that swim suit might have some hesitation. Don’t fear the dad body coming out, as there are some key workouts you can do right at home. Muscles...

A healthy vegan smoothie bowl.

From carnivore to vegan

Allison Strehlke '22, Staff Writer April 27, 2020

For many people, meat and dairy products are something they can’t see themselves living without. However, the vegan diet is based on that very idea. Olivia Frye ’22 was very interested in the lifestyle...

Photo by Evie Klepp 22

Make your own sanitizer

Evie Klepp '22, Copy Editor April 19, 2020

Ingredients needed (everything can be purchased at local drugstore): 1 cup isopropyl alcohol 99% (see below for 91% or 70% alcohol) 1 Tablespoon hydrogen peroxide 3% 1 teaspoon glycerin Water...

Exercising releases healthy endorphins.

Working out is one of many stress-reducing strategies for students

Grace Reyes '19, Pulse Editor-in-Chief March 20, 2019

Balancing work and other extracurricular high school activities can be overwhelming. Finding a healthy coping strategy to battle stress can be a great outlet for busy students. Working out is one of many...

Graphic courtesy of Frannie OShea 21

Ups and Downs of the PSAT

Frannie O'Shea '21, Staff Writer October 17, 2018

According to counselor Beth Walsh, the PSAT is amazing preparation for the SAT because it is the same format for both of the standardized tests, which is a huge pro. “They have it divided up now so...

The 7-Minute Workout for Busy Professionals (Apps) by Amit Agarwal is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Five best fitness apps to help you get fit

Claire Koeppen, Copy Editor May 15, 2017

Staying fit during the offseason and the summer may seem difficult, but with these apps, getting daily exercise in is a breeze. Here are the top five fitness apps to keep students active: Seven This...

5 Companies That Practice Fair Trade

5 Companies That Practice Fair Trade

Kathleen Carroll '19, Online Editor December 13, 2016

Five Fair Trade certified companies and their goals regarding eliminating systemic poverty among farmers in developing nations, as well as why supporting Fair Trade businesses is a positive thing.

Photo by Harper McClellan

Healthy lifestyle and great taste

Caitlin Miller '18, Guest Writer December 8, 2016
Locally organic juices offer alternative and healthy options for students
Photo taken from Creative Commons License, by Olga Kreglicka.

How to stay fit this fall season

Alyssa Cole, Staff Writer September 27, 2016

As fall approaches, staying fit becomes a more difficult task for many people due studying during the school year and being involved in more activities. As the weather gets colder, it is often more tempting...

How to make peanut butter-raisin granola

How to make peanut butter-raisin granola

April 17, 2016

By Allyson Hartz '16 | Online Editor in Chief After buying boxes and bags of granola from the health food store and always being left with an unsatisfied palette and empty wallet, I decided there...

Eating disorders are  serious and often fatal illnesses that cause severe disturbances to a person’s eating behaviors. Obsessions with food, body weight, and shape may also signal an eating disorder. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder.

Starving for perfection: The reality behind eating disorders

February 25, 2016

*Source’s names have been changed to protect identity. By Hannah Connors '16 | Copy Editor Making herself throw up four times a day was not how Sally* envisioned spending spring break last year....

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