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Sewing New York fashion into Detroit

O'Hara Diamond '23 and Margot Murphy '23 November 26, 2021

With the decline of COVID regulations and the return of numerous venues, Detroit has begun to reopen their fashion community with its most recent runway show, the International Design Runway Reception...

Photo gallery: Yate’s Cider Mill

James Ulku '19, Staff Writer October 11, 2018

North vs South football game photo story

Margot Baer, Staff Writer September 28, 2017

Photo by Riley Lynch 18

History in the Making: Grosse Pointe holds its first Pride march

Riley Lynch '18, Graphics Manager June 12, 2017

After nearly a year in the making, the first Pride March in Grosse Pointe was held on Sunday, June 11.  The march was organized by Welcoming Everyone Grosse Pointe (WEGP), which aims to include members...

Gen Boyle 17 created chalk illustrations outside the Boll Center where the walk began. The drawings had themes of unity, love and positivity.

Rain or shine, the Out of the Darkness walk brings the community together

Riley Lynch '18 & Erykah Benson '17, Graphics Manager and Editor in Chief June 4, 2017
In cooperation with various community organizations, including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), the Grosse Pointe community came together in support of suicide awareness during the Out of the Darkness Walk. Not even the rain could stop parents, teachers, counselors and students from both Grosse Pointe North and South high schools from participating in the walk on Sunday, June 4.
The senior girls participated in 13 out of the 15 track events during the Iron Women meet at South on Tuesday.  Credit: Lindsay Rogers

Sorry, I gotta run

Lindsay Rogers '17, Guest Writer May 18, 2017

How a dance performance helped me connect to another culture

How a dance performance helped me connect to another culture

Audrey Whitaker '19, Copy Editor May 12, 2017
Bharatanatyam is a classical dance style from southern India that focuses on Hindu religious themes and spiritual ideas.
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