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Motor City Wings displays friendliness like no other

Inside the new Motor City Wings sports bar, which displays a modern aesthetic. Photo Courtesy of Mairin Heimbuch.

Mairin Heimbuch '22, Copy Editor

December 4, 2019

Motor City Wings is a sports bar located on Mack Ave in Grosse Pointe Park, known for its chicken wings. If you like comfort food and enjoy the environment of a sports bar, I would highly recommend trying this restaurant out at your next get together with friends or family. As soon as I walked in on a c...

Opinion: ‘Frozen 2’ leaves viewers feeling warm, fuzzy

Opinion: 'Frozen 2' leaves viewers feeling warm, fuzzy

Katie Maraldo '21, Staff Writer

December 1, 2019

The sequel to the blockbuster hit Frozen, Frozen 2- hit theatres on Nov. 22, 2019. The movie opens with a beautiful animation style and many colors - Elsa’s blue-toned ice castle contrasts with the warm, fall-like colors of the earth. As conflict beings, the screen darkens and the town of Arendelle...

Opinion: Detroit’s Huddle ice cream stand offers phenomenal soft serve even in freezing temps

The Huddle is located in downtown Detroit and plans to remain open throughout the winter. Photo by Charlie Matthews '20.

Charlie Matthews '20, Staff Writer

November 12, 2019

The cold, winter weather is coming in a big force, and what other way to celebrate it than… ice cream?  A new soft serve ice cream stand called Huddle has opened in the heart of Downtown Detroit, and, unlike many other ice cream competitors, the store plans to remain open year-round.  The stand...

Opinion: Seva nothing to write home about

Seva’s vegan nacho dip costs $9 and is made from cashews and topped with corn salsa. It’s also served with house-made corn chips.

Maddie Weekley '21, Copy Editor

November 8, 2019

If you like mediocre food, the vegetarian/vegan restaurant Seva in downtown Detroit may be perfect for you.  The menu originally attracted me to the restaurant because it allowed my vegan friend Shannon, who is a part of the Six Vegan Sisters Instagram, to order easily. We started by gett...

Opinion: “Breaking Bad” movie “El Camino” stays true to original five seasons

Ally Bearman '20, staff writer

November 1, 2019

After 5 seasons of a drama/action tv show, ‘Breaking Bad’, main character Jesse Pinkman experiences another chapter in his drug-dealing life in ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’. The netflix original follows the story of previously imprisoned Jesse after he escapes and kills the entire gang ...

Opinion: “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” satisfies Disney fans with a prequel to the original “Maleficent”

Erin Astfalk '21, Staff writer

October 30, 2019

As the years go on, it seems you can always count on Disney to remake live action versions of beloved childhood tales. While the public often has had mixed emotions over the remakes of original movies, there is something so tempting about experiencing childhood favorites in a different light. Disney re...

Opinion: Kanye West’s religious turn just misses the mark

Opinion: Kanye West's religious turn just misses the mark

Asher Heimbuch '22, Web Editor

October 28, 2019

Rapper, producer, fashion icon and husband of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has finally released his new album, “Jesus Is King.” After much anticipation, filled with countless delays, West’s ninth studio album and first album of the year was dropped on Oct. 25. The record, featuring 11 curse-free, ...

Opinion: Exceeding expectations at Detroit Shipping’s Momo Cha

Opinion: Exceeding expectations at Detroit Shipping's Momo Cha

Sophia Stann '20, Staff Writer

October 24, 2019

My whole experience getting lunch at Momo Cha was a lot better than I was expecting. The restaurant is located in the Detroit Shipping Co. building, next to about four other food vendors inside. It was packed with smiling facing buying all types of different food from each vendor. The atmosphere was uplif...

Opinion: The Addams Family offers a not so spooky reboot

Opinion: The Addams Family offers a not so spooky reboot

Morgan Skaff '21, Supervising Copy Editor

October 23, 2019

This very timely remake of an old TV show, The Addams Family, did not live up to its full potential due to a rushed ending and an unclear storyline. The movie reflected today’s society and molded to our current day and age shown through some of the jokes that were made and scenes that were shown. ...

Opinion: ‘Downton Abbey’ new movie is eye-catching, yet predictable

Opinion: 'Downton Abbey' new movie is eye-catching, yet predictable

Becca Koch '22, Staff Writer

October 21, 2019

As an avid fan of both the British aristocracy and historical movies, I knew that the movie version of Downton Abbey would be right up my alley. I had seen the original series numerous times. It seemed to be perfect, and it was. “Downton Abbey” is a continuation of the massively popular PBS show that took...

Opinion: Tall Girl fails to live up to its height

Opinion: Tall Girl fails to live up to its height

Katie Cherven '20, Copy Editor

October 20, 2019

“You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Mens’ size 13 Nikes. Beat that.” These are perhaps the most quotable lines from this fall’s newest Netflix Original teen rom-com. But does the humorous, almost-iconic ring of these lines represent the quality of t...

Opinion: DaBaby’s “Kirk” shows great potential for future projects

Opinion: DaBaby's

Cameron Buhler '21, staff writer

October 9, 2019

On Friday, Sept. 27, American rapper DaBaby released his second studio album titled “Kirk” only a few days after he announced it. This album came out only six months after DaBaby’s first one, “Baby on Baby,” which was released on March 1, 2019.   To say the least, 2019 was quite the year...