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Two takes on “American Royals”

Two takes on “American Royals”

Becca Koch 22' and Paige Evers '22

May 28, 2020

Becca’s review A few months ago, I read about the book American Royals in an email I had gotten. I saved the title and forgot about it. A few months passed and soon it was a few days after Christmas and I was sitting in a Barnes and Noble in Ohio looking for a couple of new books. Picking up books,...

“Becoming” gives viewers a glimpse into Michelle Obama’s inspirational life

Bridget Doyle '21, Copy Editor

May 28, 2020

Following Michelle Obama’s memoir in 2018, Obama’s 2020 Netflix documentary, “Becoming”, places Obama’s inspirational story on the screen while touching on a wide variety of aspects regarding her obstacles she has overcome, such as facing racial issues and overcoming the feeling of not “...

“High Off Life” earns high marks

Brad Kemper '21, Staff Writer

May 28, 2020

Future, one of the best known modern rappers, is well known for hit songs like “Mask Off” and more recently “Life is Good.” Recently, he released his new studio album “High Off Life.” Future has been having a great year so far, appearing on multiple albums and releasing the hit single...

Music through the decades: how music has shaped our world view

Music through the decades: how music has shaped our world view

Sophia Fowler '22, Copy Editor

May 27, 2020

We are living through history right now, as crazy as it may seem. The COVID-19 crisis will be placed in history textbooks around the world, and seen in museums with artifacts. And while this may seem like a once in a lifetime scenario for many of us, every decade has faced it’s up and downs. One consistency...

“Never Have I Ever”-A misadvertised show misrepresenting Indian culture

Navya Charmiraju '20, News Manager

May 26, 2020

When I first heard Mindy Kaling herself was holding open auditions to cast a South Asian lead for her new show Never Have I Ever, I was beyond excited. There was finally going to be young South Asian female representation on the big screen. However, my excitement soon turned into disgust when I saw what...

Opinion: Features on “Good Intentions” help boost NAV’s one dimensional vocals

Opinion: Features on

Ryan Caldwell '21, Photographer

May 19, 2020

Indian rapper NAV has made quite a big splash in the rap industry in the past few years. Ever since his joint album Perfect Timing with producer Metro Boomin, his career has skyrocketed. His last two albums were Reckless in 2018 and Bad Habits in 2019, both included many artists such as Travis Scott, Mee...

The “Money Heist” offers an unexpected emotional appeal


Anna Ludvigsen '20, Staff Writer

May 14, 2020

When scrolling through the many TV shows available on Netflix, the title “Money Heist” would have been the last show I would decide to watch. If not for the countless recommendations I got from friends and family members, I probably wouldn't have taken an interest in it at all. After deciding to ...

Review: 5 songs about quarantine

Review: 5 songs about quarantine

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

May 13, 2020

Level of Concern Level of Concern by 21 pilots is a modern love song. The song is about how the outside world and the pandemic has impacted their personal life. Although the lyrics have a more serious meaning the song is upbeat and fast paced which adds a positive twist to it. The music video is fi...

Opinion: Air Jordan flies high in “The Last Dance”

Opinion: Air Jordan flies high in

Asher Heimbuch '22, Web Editor

May 7, 2020

ESPN’s documentary series “The Last Dance,” centered around Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season, depicts an iconic chapter in NBA’s history and turns it into a dramatic viewing experience for today’s sports lovers. The first six episodes of this 10-part series have been relea...

Do Chole Ting’s AB workouts really work?

Strehlke trying out the up-down planks from Chole Ting's AB workout video. Photo courtesy of Ally Strehlke '22.

Ally Strehlke '22, Staff Writer

April 30, 2020

14 days, no equipment, and countless inspiring before and after pictures. The Chloe Ting 14 Day Shred Challenge has been sweeping social media since stay-at-home orders have been in place. Chloe Ting is a fitness influencer with over five million subscribers on YouTube. One of her most popular vid...

Opinion: Drive to Survive is the perfect formula for those who crave speed

Opinion: Drive to Survive is the perfect formula for those who crave speed

Aaron Vyletel '21, Staff Writer

April 28, 2020

Netflix’s TV series “ Formula 1 Drive to Survive” is an intense show that takes a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes action of one of the world’s most popular and dangerous sports. Formula 1 racing is a mostly untouched sport in the United States, so getting a first-hand look at what goes int...

From carnivore to vegan

A healthy vegan smoothie bowl.

Allison Strehlke '22, Staff Writer

April 27, 2020

For many people, meat and dairy products are something they can’t see themselves living without. However, the vegan diet is based on that very idea. Olivia Frye ’22 was very interested in the lifestyle of vegans and decided to switch her diet to veganism in the summer of 2018. ¨I originally...