5 Prom problems and how to fix them

Photo courtesy of AUDREY HERRINGTON ’11. As a group, last year’s seniors posed for prom pictures in front of South.

MADI DETTLINGER ’13 | Staff Writer

We all know that familiar sinking feeling when you’re preparing for the big night and something goes terribly wrong. With so much pressure on having the perfect prom, little snags can seem way more problematic than they actually are. But if you plan ahead and keep these prom solutions in mind, your last minute crises can be avoided.

You’ve been saving up, but your prom budget is still a little lacking

Now is the time to get humble. Mow the lawn, clean the house, do the dishes, and only then approach your mom and dad and ask for a small loan. Be sure to shower them with compliments and thanks in the process, and assure them that you will pay them back as soon as possible. If mom and dad are still unsure, offer to do more odd jobs around the house in return for their kindness.

Your stylist went overboard, and now you hate your hairstyle

 Be honest. Don’t stick with a timid ‘thanks,’ and then walk out the door wearing a hair style that you really can’t stand. Prom is a very special night, and hair dressers know this. Then again, a screaming tantrum is also not appropriate for this situation. Just politely ask the person working on your hair if they can start over or make a few adjustments, and they’ll understand. If they don’t, get creative and fix it yourself. Curls got you down? Straighten them or brush them out for lighter waves. Bun’s a little more poodle than prom? Take it out and let your already curled hair down for the night. No matter what, you’ll look good, and it’s not the end of the world.

Your date canceled last minute

This is what everyone fears at their senior prom, whether boy or girl. After you’re done screaming at your former date, calm yourself down and reconvene. Surely there’s someone else you can call last minute? A friend, an underclassman, or someone that didn’t get asked would most likely be happy to fill in. And if not, go stag. There’s nothing wrong with going without a date. Just go with a group of friends, dance and have a good time.

You’re the odd one out in your date’s group

You’ve been so excited to go with him/her that you haven’t thought about anyone else. Now you’re stuck in a limo with a bunch of people that you barely know. Fortunately, a lot of people face this problem during dances and it’s an easy fix. Just focus on the positives. You’re with the person you wanted as your date, and the rest should be easy. Introduce yourself, be outgoing, and break the ice. You can always meet up with your own friends once you get there!

Someone has the same dress as you

Code Red. You’re heading out to the dance floor when you see a flash of familiar fabric skirt by, and you panic.  It may seem like the end of the world, but don’t sweat it. Having the same dress as someone is no reason to go all Jason Borne and avoid them for the rest of the night. In the scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. Just laugh it off, continue with your night, and try not to get your picture taken too close to them.

Ultimately, prom is not about chasing the perfect night. It’s about looking beyond the imperfections and tiny snags and having as much fun as possible with your friends. If you keep calm, focus on the positives and move on, prom will be a night to remember.

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