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The model life

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KELLY CULLEN AND CHRISTY FLOM both ‘13 | Staff Writer and Online Clubs Editor

For most people, becoming involved in the Mothers’ Club Annual Fashion Show means either getting the rare and coveted opportunity to be excused from school or else forced against one’s will by pushy moms to sign up.

Whatever reason may hold true for signing up, “the fashion must go on,” was a statement the models heard repeatedly throughout the production. This statement encompassed the whole theme of the show.

As models, our day started off early. Since we are girls, with long, thick hair, large chunks of time had to be set aside for our hair and makeup appointments that were set up in the multi-purpose room. Thankfully, our appointments were at 8, so we rushed straight there, so that everyone at school would not have to see what we actually look like without our daily makeup covering up our dark circles under our eyes and imperfections.  If you think or heard that modeling was the best part, then you’ve been wrongly informed.  Welcomed with the strong scent of hair spray and the loud, energetic voices of the Edwin Paul Salon stylists, it was the perfect start to our day to let the professionals take charge.

Photo by Pamela Flom | Christy Flom '13 gets her hair done in the multipurpose room before the show.

Not only was it relaxing and a relief to not worry about doing our own hair and makeup, it was also very entertaining to scope out all of the different hairstyles around us.  From simple curls to extravagant French twisted up-dues, the hairstyles were definitely the showstopper.  To us this was one of the most fun parts throughout the day.  The makeup artists knew exactly what features to accentuate on our faces, too.

While makeup and hair may have been relaxing, our day was far from over. With the next wave of models waiting for their appointments, we were told to move out of the way. Trying to avoid going back to classes, we spent the next few hours wandering the halls in circles and waiting for the food to arrive in the Commons.  We tried not to snack in order to conserve our figures for our tight fitting outfits, but once the food arrived, all willpower was lost.

Providing the models with a variety of healthy food, our options included lovely, greasy, Jets pizza, candy, pretzels, brownies, and on a small table in the corner of the commons, some carrots were barely noticeable, too.

Subsequently, “the fashion must go on” and after lunch it was time to face our outfits again for the first time since our fittings earlier in the week. Thankfully our outfits successfully fit us after the nutritious lunch. This was the most surprising part of the day. Seeing normal students transform into runway models revealed the inner fashionistas of us all.

Photo by Elizabeth DiMauro '12 | Kelly Cullen, Lindsey Mestdagh, Lauren Schaller and Kim Stavale all '13 pose for the camera before walking down the runway.

Finally, after a short delay, the choir finished their numbers and it was time for us to face the spotlight. The students were organized by store, and lead through the halls to line up behind the gym. With roughly 145 students, it was not an easy task for the parent leaders to keep the hallways silent while the first stores started the show. With music blaring in the gym, we put on our model faces and waited for our cue to go. If the nerves hadn’t hit us then, they hit hard after our first few steps out towards Mr. Trudel, the MC of the event.

Thankfully, Trudel had prepared us for this moment in rehearsal. The saying, “pause, pose, turn” had been engrained in our minds from the start. Our minute of stardom seemed to last forever, as we attempted to remember the order of the corners we had been told to walk in on the stage. Walk to the far corner and pose; back corner and pose; walk to the left corner and pose; cross the square for one last pose in the fourth corner and then exit out of the gym.

As the show was an overall success, hopefully, nobody noticed the minute incidents that occurred on the stage. From the back of one our shoes popping off, to some miscommunication with one of our walking partners, all that was left for us to do was to continue forward and remember that “the fashion must go on.”


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The model life