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Grades team up for Yankee Candle fundraiser

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MATT BARNES ’12 and MARGARET BRENNAN ’13 | Copy Editor and Staff Writer    

Bake sales, car washes and now the Yankee Candle fundraiser — all of these serve two purposes: Raising money, for one, as well as filling the halls of South and the homes of students with the pleasant aroma of helping the school.

“This is our third year doing it,” said Marianne Vukas, Senior class adviser. “We make about $500; I’m hoping to make more, and this year we decided to team up with the sophomore class, not only to make it larger but also to pass this fundraiser down to the sophomores.”

This is the first time the Seniors have shared the wealth with another class, apart from the annual Homecoming dance, Vukas said.

“Usually the dances are a joint effort,” said Vukas. “Usually classes are pretty exclusive when it comes to fundraisers; the seniors developed a pretty good relationship with the sophomores over Homecoming.”

The profits from the fundraiser will be split evenly between both the Senior and Sophomore classes, Sophomore Class President Kimberly Barbour ’14 said.

“This is our first year with this fundraiser,” said Sophomore class adviser Carrie Halliburton. “The Senior class has done this one before, and this year asked us if we wanted to join them.”

The costs of the candles vary on their size, Halliburton said. Yankee Candles sell everything from tea lights to the larger jar candles, which cost around $24, according to Vukas. They also sell accessories like jar lids, candle holders and candle snuffers.

Photo courtesy of Yankee Candles are being sold by the Sophomore and Senior classes.

 “As long as our councils both have decent participation, we should make a considerable amount,” said Barbour. “But we don’t have a goal or anything.”

Vukas said the funds raised will be going towards various class activities, such as prom and conferences for the Senior Student Council; the sophomores’ earnings will go toward Homecoming and Prom, along with other activities, Barbour said.

“Prom will cost over $30,000,” said Vukas. “When you look at renting the venue, getting the food, then you have to hire a photographer, then you have to pay for the DJ, and we always have party favors (they’re really cool this year), so that adds up because we want the evening to be very memorable so it gets really pricey; it’s something we start saving for Freshman year.”

The Senior class gives a gift to the school as a tradition at the end of the year, Vukas said. The sign on the front lawn was one gift, and the light fixtures outside Cleminson Hall were also a gift.

“We’re working with the preservation committee and an architect for what we want to give to South,” said Vukas. “Usually if there’s enough money leftover we save it for the five-year reunion, and a little for the incoming Freshman class.”

The Sophomores have been sharing a lot with the other classes already, Vukas said. Dancing with the South Stars was their idea, and they shared some of the profits across the classes.

“It (the Yankee Candle fundraiser) just kind of blossomed and the Sophomores actually did a poster supporting the Seniors during Homecoming week,” said Vukas, “and we did one for them, so I thought, ‘Why not do a fundraiser with them?’”

All orders are due in the mail room, Vukas said, and deliveries will be arriving in late April and early May, just in time for Mother’s Day.


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Grades team up for Yankee Candle fundraiser