‘Jackie’ by Autumnbre Moore ’14

This poem was read in the open mic poetry reading where anything can be read. There are no judges in this portion of the night: Moore started off the event with “Jackie.”

AUTUMNBRE MOORE ’14 | Special to The Tower Pulse

She’s beautiful,

The girl that everyone wanted to know, talk to and be around.

She’s the type of girl that every teenage boy wished they had.

But all of them had only been looking at her beauty.

They didn’t see how she prayed everyday to die so she wouldn’t be in pain.

They didn’t see how her mother became so depressed that she killed herself so she didn’t have to see her fear that way.

They didn’t see the tears that fell from her eyes.

They didn’t hear when the doctors said they couldn’t cure her because the disease was spreading too rapidly.

They didn’t hear when the doctors told her she had less than 2 months to live,

They didn’t hear the heart monitor as it slowed, and slowed.

Nobody heard.