Christmas fundraisers around the school

ALEX RICHARDS ’14 | Staff Writer

Getting into the holiday spirit, teachers and administrators around the school have hosted various fundraisers for the metro Detroit community. The Tower Pulse found four different fundraisers that involve students and teachers.

The Giving Tree in the Library with gifts underneath.
Photo by JACK CHASE '13 | Staff Writer. The Giving Tree in the Library with gifts underneath.

James Cooper, social studies teacher
Students in Cooper’s US History classes (regular and AP) raised money to buy gifts for less fortunate teens. Among  the things purchased were books, clothes and basic hygenic neccessities like body sprays and lotions.

1. Who benefits from the fundraiser?
“The gifts are for Angel Tree for children whose parents are currently incarcerated. It’s run by the Grosse Pointe Memorial Presbyterian church.”

2. How much were you able to raise and how many kids did this support?
“In all, we were able to raise $748 and give 10 kids gifts.”

3. Why did you decide to start raising money for this charity?
“Just the thought of kids who didn’t have parents. I thought it would be a good idea to help out kids who didn’t have parents around. Christmas is one of those holidays where it can be either a really good time or a really bad one depending on the people there for you.”

4. How long have you done this?
“I’ve done it almost every year for 12 years. I used to do it for the Detroit Christmas fund, but they closed down and I switched to this charity.”

Courtney McGuire, media specialist
In the library, students will see the Giving Tree. Students can choose a tag with information about a child and what gift they would like for Christmas. Some children want toys, while others are need of warm gloves or hats. Gifts are due by Dec. 20.

1. Who does this fundraiser benefit?
“It goes specifically to the Salvations Army Warren shelter. They have a shelter for those who don’t have homes.”

2. Have people been interested in participating?
“We first started off with 200 tags, and certain teachers promoted it so it became so popular, in two days we had the Salvation Army bring out 200 more tags. “

3. Why did you decide to start fundraising?
“The Spirit of Giving was a fair held by SERVE a month ago and the Salvation Army had a booth and I knew it was a perfect fit. Mrs. Carlisle donated the tree.”

4. How long have you done this for?
“In the past we have collected canned foods…I actually like knowing kids get little Christmas gifts. I think it’s been a great success and we’re planning to do it next year.”

Jeanette Llorens, Vice President of the Varsity Club
While there is no official name for the Varsity Club’s fundraiser, they have been buying toys and sports equipment for children. The club recieved equipment from both members and people who heard about it throughword of mouth. Toys were collected in Ryan Wheaton’s room and went to Redford Elementary School.

1. Who is this drive benefiting?
“We get things kids need for recess so like playground chalk and jump ropes.”

2. How did the Varsity Club get involved in the fundraiser?
“I’m not sure how we got involved but we are all very athletic so we try to focus on fundraisers that have to do with athletics.”

3. How did you collect all the playground equipment?
“We tell as many people as we can about it and we just collect it all in Mr. Wheaton’s room.”

4. How do you plan on presenting the playground equipment to the elementary school?
“Mr. Wheaton will gather it all up and bring it to [Redford] elementary school for the kids.”

Colleen Davisson, SOAR member and volunteer
Interact and SOAR have come together to wrap people’s purchases at Barnes and Nobles. Both clubs hoped to get donations when they wrapped gifts. The donations were to help children reading below grade level in Detroit.

 1. How were you able to raise money?
“We’re wrapping people’s purchases and people can also donate while we wrap the gifts for them.”

2. Who do the gifts go to?
“We are SOAR and we work with kids who are reading at or below reading level in Detroit.”

3. How did this fund get started with South?
“Interact students participate with us and are trying to be mentors in the teaching program.”

4. How much have you been able to donate so for?
“We just did wrapping yesterday, and we raised about a hundred bucks. South students have been at it for ten to twelve weeks.

5. How successful has the gift wrapping been?
“Well it’s a hundred bucks that we raised with the program. Every little bit helps with the fund.”