Technology problems plague learning environment


Since the school year started, both South and Grosse Pointe North has been experiencing major technological issues due to the old computer equipment still being used along with the new server that has been causing problems. These issues must be addressed immediately because all of the schools have been forced to rely on technology too much.

This generation has been taken by storm by technology, forcing the staff and the students to use computers as their primary source of class activities as well as communication outside of class. If the computers at South do not function properly, teachers and students alike cannot complete their day-to-day assignments.

Almost every class uses computers, whether in the form of PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos or the many other options technology offers. With the computers constantly down and prone to crashing, teachers are unable to run class as planned.

Along with the computers not working properly, the server also does not function correctly. The server needs to be checked in depth in order to fix the problems and ensure that both teachers and students can work through the day’s tasks and lessons.

It is baffling that the district can spend vast amounts on servers that fail to work properly. The recent push for using new technology and new software serve no use to teachers and students if they do not work properly, or in this case, work at all.

With the recent upgrades to the classroom, the staff has opportunities for new approaches to teaching that are going to waste.

Blame also lies on computers that are years behind and not nearly as fast as present technology. New computers are desperately needed to replacing the current aging and outdated equipment relied on daily by both teachers and students. The district should consider a bond, which “The Tower” suggested in 2007. Yet the district continues to wait.

Unless the district can figure out the problems with the new server or come up with a solution to combat our old equipment, buying newer equipment may be the only option. 

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